15-Year-Old Foreigner Charged With Murdering Girl in Gang Initiation


A 15-year-old boy has been charged in Cobb County, Georgia after allegedly stabbing a 14-year-old female to death as part of a gang initiation.

“Brayan Segura, who also goes by the name Brayan Rivas, told police Wednesday he had stabbed the girl multiple times, his arrest warrant states,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thursday afternoon, the body of the 14-year-old girl, Janina Valenzuela of Marietta, was located in a nearby creek, according to police.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a detainer on Segura, who reportedly lied to the police multiple times when questioned about the girls whereabouts, and whether he was involved in her disappearance.

AJC reported that Segura, who was charged with “malice murder, aggravated assault, concealing the death of another and violation of Georgia’s gang law,” murdered the girl as part of his initiation into the brutal Salvadoran MS-13 street gang.

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The girl was reportedly a member of the 18th Street gang, a rival of MS-13 not just in the United States, but also in El Salvador, where the two gangs regularly duke it out over turf.

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