WATCH: BLM Agitator Vows To Call CPS on White Church-Going Mother


A Black Lives Matter protester vowed to vindictively call Child Protective Services (CPS) against a white mother who was merely trying to shepherd her children into church. Black Lives Matter recently harassed churchgoers in Troy, New York Calling CPS against law-abiding parents is a common leftist intimidation tactic that places their targets in the system, liable to lose their kids if CPS plays along. RELATED: Heather Hobbs Says She Was Targeted With A Politically Motivated CPS Complaint, But She Won and Had The Case Thrown Out

The situation outside the church was violent.

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit reported: “Lukee Forbes, is one of the people who fomented violence with a bullhorn and allegedly physically attacked individuals at the church in Troy, NY last Sunday. Troy is just across the Hudson River from Albany.  And Lukee Forbes is an employee of the City of Albany in one of its youth programs.On Monday the Times Union wrote a special tribute to Lukee Forbes who serves as the program assistant for the City of Albany and community coordinator for the non-profit People Uniting Local Support Everywhere, or PULSE. According to the Times Union, “Lukee is a speaker and lecturer who mentors and outreaches to young people by sharing his personal story of redemption.'”

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On the incident itself, National File recently reported:

Protesters are seen attempting to block the path of a black family as they enter the church, prompting white members of the congregation, referred to as “guards,” to remove the protesters and allow the family to enter the church to worship.

In the video, a member of the mob is heard shouting at the family, “You should be ashamed of yourself sister, taking your kids in there, when millions of black kids are killed every day from gun violence.”

Mob members attempted to block entry into the church, hurling threats and profanity at children and the elderly, and went as far as to physically assault parishioners before entering the building in an apparent attempt to shut down services.

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