Virginia Sheriff Prepares to Deputize Citizens, Calls for Retired Police to Sign Up to Serve


Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County Virginia appears ready to make good on his promise to deputize “thousands of law-abiding citizens” in order to preserve that county’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The move comes ahead of the 2021 session of the Virginia General Assembly, where Democrats are promising another attempt at ramming previously unsuccessful gun control and confiscation bills through the state legislature.

According to a Monday afternoon announcement made via Facebook post, the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications from current and former law enforcement officers to serve as background investigators tasked with screening volunteer deputy applicants, should the Bloomberg-endorsed legislation make its way to Governor Northam’s desk for rubber-stamp approval.

“In preparation for the potential passage of unconstitutional gun restrictions that ban the ownership of ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high capacity magazines’ in the 2021 Virginia General Assembly session, the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office will begin accepting applications today through September 30, 2020 for volunteer background Investigators,” the post reads. “Volunteer background investigators must be currently sworn, retired, or former law enforcement officers able to volunteer to perform background investigations and screening of volunteer deputy applicants.”

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As reported by National File, at a July 7th meeting of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Jenkins urged Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries – which comprise more than 90% of the state – to send a “clear message” to Richmond, suggesting that local governments draft an additional resolution “to further solidify their support of the 2nd amendment.”

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Scott Jenkins, nationally recognized for his pro-Second Amendment stances, urged the board to reject the powers provided to them in a recently implemented gun control law signed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, allowing for localities to ban firearms in a number of public places and to instead draft a renewed Second Amendment resolution opposing both existing and future unconstitutional power grabs.

Jenkins expressed his hope that other counties, cities, and towns would follow suit, sending a “clear message” to Richmond, where lawmakers are expected to take another crack at a previously failed effort to ban AR-15-style rifles and magazines with a greater than 12 round capacity.

“To further the support of the 2nd amendment…we should look for the 2A counties to write a 2nd resolution and to further solidify their support of the 2nd amendment,” Jenkins told the board. “…we have enough gun laws on the books in Virginia already.”

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