VIRGINIA: Jarome Bell Blasts Lee Monument Destruction, Historical Vandalism as Jen Kiggans Remains Silent


America First candidate for Congress, Jarome Bell is blasting the removal of Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument and other cases of historical vandalism across the Commonwealth and the nation as his 2nd District GOP primary opponent, State Senator Jen Kiggans, continues to remain silent on the issue – something Bell says makes her complicit in Democrats’ efforts to re-write America’s history.

Bell’s remarks come after the widely publicized removal of Richmond’s 131-year-old Lee Monument, and follow the endorsement of historical vandalism by Republican Gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin, as well as Winsome Sears, the GOP’s pick for Lieutenant Governor. Despite a public challenge via Twitter from Bell and a request for comment from National File, Kiggans has remained mum on monument removal and the GOP ticket falling in line behind far-left Democrat Governor Ralph Northam who, along with the rest of the radical left, Bell accuses of attempting to re-write history and erase the sins of the Democrat Party.

Additionally, Kiggans’ social media accounts and campaign website appear to make no mention of the recent statue removal or her positions on the matter.

“It’s a shame to see so-called Republicans capitulate to the radical left,” Bell, whose candidacy has been endorsed by General Michael Flynn, told National File of the GOP ticket’s about-face on monument destruction.

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“Do they even realize what is happening?” pondered Bell. “The racist liberals of the Democrat Party are erasing every physical memory of slavery and their oppressive history of black people. Out of sight, out of mind.”

“The next step is to remove all conversations and history of slavery from the history books as well,” Bell said. “In two generations slavery will not be known to have existed in this country and members of the Republican Party – the party that freed slaves and rescued black Americans from the oppressive left – would have assisted in their plan.”

“We can no longer vote for individuals just because they have an R in front of their name,” Bell continued, before reinforcing his support of preserving America’s history. “The history of the United States, good or bad, is OUR history! And it should NEVER be hidden!” said Bell.

Zeroing in on his primary race opponent Jen Kiggans, as well as other members of the Republican Party establishment, Bell implored voters to “rid the Republican Party of the old GOP establishment” and others who so often turn their backs on conservatism and conservatives in the name of political expedience or risk a Marxist, Communist takeover of the United States.

“It’s time to rid the Republican Party of the old GOP establishment and these RINOs and join my new conservative revolution of true America First patriots like myself and many more in order to save America from the Marxist and Communist take over we see happening right before our very eyes. Jen Kiggans is a member of that group and a vote for her is a vote for Marxism and Communism. All you have to do is look at her state voting record.”

As previously reported by National File, despite running for office as a conservative, GOP State Senator Jen Kiggans has repeatedly aligned herself with the left during her time in Virginia’s legislature, casting the deciding vote in favor of the pro-abortion, so-called Equal Rights Amendment, and even exiting the Senate chamber to avoid voting as radical Democrats sought to censure America First conservative Amanda Chase for attending President Trump’s speech against election fraud. Additionally, Kiggans voted in favor of the Virginia Values Act, a bill championed by the LGBT lobby which critics say “criminalizes Christianity,” and has repeatedly acknowledged the legitimacy of the Joe Biden Administration.

Just recently, and alongside Glenn Youngkin, Kiggans presented an award to Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, for his purported efforts in “fighting” the radical left. During his time in Washington, Crenshaw has not only supported historical vandalism but has even thrown his support behind red flag gun control and confiscation laws. More recently, Crenshaw mocked efforts by American voters to ensure that all legal votes, and only legal votes, are counted during the election process, telling a crowd at a Chicago fundraiser that the 2020 Presidential Election was legitimate and that conservatives shouldn’t “kid” themselves into believing that Donald J. Trump was the rightful victor.

In addressing the removal of the Lee Monument, Bell also wondered what impact – if any – the removal of objects declared racist by the left would actually have on black Americans, specifically black children who have so often been crammed into horrid innercity schools with no true opportunity to learn.

“I don’t think taking down a statue of Robert E. Lee has anything to do with why little black boys and girls can’t read or do math on their grade level,” Bell said of the shameful blight on America’s 21st-century education system. “We are worrying about the wrong things.”

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