VIDEOS: New York Woman Arrested for Painting Over BLM Mural, Paints Over Two More Hours After Release


A New York woman who went viral for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower and getting arrested was at it again merely a couple of hours after her release, defacing Black Lives Matter murals in Harlem and Brooklyn.

29-year old Bevelyn Beatty, from Staten Island, posted about her covering the murals on the Midtown skyscraper before her arrest, becoming the third time the sign was tarnished.

She then went on to deface the Black Lives Matter murals in Harlem and on Fulton Street a couple of hours after she was released.

“Ya’ll, we did an all-nighter,” she boasted to social media. “Let me tell you something, yesterday was epic.”

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A police officer approached her as she and two other women pulled up in a van with at least a dozen paint cans.

The officer asked her what she was doing, and she informed the officer that she was “decorating.”

She then appeared to grab a can of paint, walk past the cop, then to tip the paint over the white “Black Lives Matter” writing as spectators gathered to watch the incident.

Following her first stunt, Beatty was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for her actions against the state-sanctioned activist message emblazoned on the street.

“Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, right?” Beatty asked. “For the Black people. This is for the black people. They’re destroying business for black people. They’re looting for black people.”

She added, “No. We’re not standing with Black Lives Matter. We want our police. Refund our police.”

When Beatty was covering the mural in Harlem, a man yelled at the group, saying, “What’s wrong with you? You’re a black woman. What the f*ck is wrong with you? You’re a black woman.”

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When she reached Brooklyn, a little after midnight, she said: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in Brooklyn and it ain’t over.

“Jesus matters. We’re taking our country back. We’re taking it back. And let me tell you something, the police need our help. They can’t s and alone. Don’t just sit by idly and watch your country go to the ground.”

Black community leaders recently voiced their frustrations at the recent disbandment of the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit after shootings spiked. Commissioner O’Shea dissolved the unit after the wave of anti-cop sentiment during the height of the George Floyd riots.

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