VIDEOS: Jan 6 Violence Sparked by Innocent Man's Death, Police Grenade Assault on Peaceful Crowd


Footage taken down from YouTube and suppressed by mainstream media shows the 1/6 “Capitol Insurrection” was instigated directly by Capitol Police, who responded with overwhelming force to a minority of protestors who apparently provoked conflict. Evidence suggests the violent minority were being led by assets of the FBI.

This is Part 2 of our 3-part What Really Happened on 1/6 Series. Click here for Part 1.

The previous article in this series debuted exclusive video evidence that agents provocateurs – possibly in the employ of the FBI – including Ray Epps and Sean McHugh were urging 1/6 demonstrators to “storm the Capitol Building for a peaceful protest.”

Despite hundreds of arrests and convictions related to 1/6 by federal authorities, no one has been charged with insurrection or a conspiracy to breach the Capitol.

Some members of the Proud Boys have been charged with conspiracy on account of bringing “dangerous” tools like walkie talkies to the rally, but federal prosecutors have not alleged any prior plan to breach the Capitol.

Biden Regime Launches New 'Domestic Terrorism Unit' To Confront 'Anti-Authority Ideologies'

A plan to breach the Capitol clearly existed, but the Proud Boys apparently had no connection to it and the actual perpetrators have not faced conspiracy charges.

This is also suspicious given the fact that, according to an AP exclusive, “The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.”

It is noteworthy that this revelation happened in the press, and not in court.

If there clearly was a prior plan to attack the Capitol, why would the FBI be spreading the lie that it didn’t happen?

Today, on the anniversary of the January 6 Stop The Steal Rally, we will share video evidence suggesting the infamous violence that day was not a lynch-mob ginned up by 45th President Donald Trump against democracy – but a planned terrorist attack prepared by a coordinated group of agents provocateurs – possibly at the direction of the FBI – and triggered by the death of innocent demonstrator Kevin Greeson amid shocking police brutality.

This video obtained by National File is not an exclusive, but is virtually impossible to find on the Internet today.

In fact, almost every major media publication – including Fox News and CNN – licensed this footage to show short clips of demonstrator violence against police, but failed to document the most explosive part of the video: the actual start of the “Capitol Insurrection” violence precipitated by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) brutality.

It also shows dozens of people recording with both cell phones and high-end cameras – including credentialed press, such as one who wore a decal identifying him as a reporter for Agents France-Presse – but, for unexplained reasons, practically none of their footage has been published.

The video by Tyler Baggins, a comedian from Madison, WI, received roughly 5,000 views on YouTube before it was taken down.

Biden Regime Launches New 'Domestic Terrorism Unit' To Confront 'Anti-Authority Ideologies'

The mainstream and left-wing press have generally been uninterested in actual eyewitness accounts of what happened.

Vice News, for instance, interviewed a pair of leftist comedians who linked footage of them making fun of Trump supporters and spoke about their eyewitness accounts of the violence, but neglected to share any footage of it happening.

The video starts with a view of a peaceful crowd on the green of the Capitol Mall singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” as a man remarks “Somebody be smokin’ that good sh*t!” – a reference to the palpable odor of marijuana that suffused the rally – and an elderly woman blows a shofar (a Jewish ceremonial horn).

Editor’s note: Readers should be warned that strong language, drug use, violence, and other disturbing imagery is contained in these videos.

The crowd was quite diverse, with Hispanic and black attendees as well as a significant over-representation of anti-communist Chinese-Americans and Vietnamese-Americans.

Many were senior citizens and there were also plenty of children, including babies in strollers.

The video then cuts to footage of CPR being performed on an unidentified man, presumably Kevin Greeson of Alabama – a 55-year-old with a history of high blood pressure who reportedly died of a heart attack while on the phone with his wife.

Despite speculation from the Left on social media that Greeson was armed with a gun or a taser, or had infiltrated the Capitol, his family’s lawyer flatly debunked those rumors and – to date – no one has made any credible accusation that Greeson was anything but peaceful and law-abiding.

What has not been reported is that Greeson died while the area was being pelted by Less-Than-Lethal (LTL) tear gas canisters and flashbang concussion grenades thrown as well as rubber bullets and pepperballs fired indiscriminately into a peaceful crowd by the USCP.

“So we got someone on the ground right now, passed out and getting CPR done.”

“They can’t get anybody in here and the cops are throwing flashbangs into the crowd. They’re trying to save this guy’s life right now,” Baggins can be heard saying.

Former Delaware Senate candidate Lauren Witzke, who was one the half a dozen reporters on the ground for National File that day, also witnessed Greeson’s death:

By the time I got to the Capitol, people had already made their way up to the steps. Trump supporters were waving flags and trying to talk to the Capitol Police. Every rally-goer at that point was extremely peaceful. I then saw Capitol Police Officers with rifles appear on the balcony looking down on us. Almost immediately, the Capitol Police on the ground started throwing flash grenades into the crowds, teargassing us all.

I moved about 40 feet away from the steps, and just stood there, yet the tear gas and flash grenades continued. After being flash bombed and tear-gassed for the third time, I looked down beside me to see that a middle-aged man—Kevin Greeson—on the ground, blue in the face.

My friend Kimberley immediately began CPR and continued until her lips were bleeding. But she couldn’t get him breathing again. Men were yelling “Help we need an EMT, get this man an ambulance,” etc. We begged the Capitol police officers for help. But they ignored us, and continued macing old men who got anywhere near them.

Trump supporters were able to make a makeshift gurney out of the fencing and carry him out of there. Capitol Police continued to flash bomb and tear gas us, macing in the face anyone who came near them.

National File spoke to Witzke regarding her experiences that day, and according to Witzke’s eyewitness report, there was absolutely no violence going on at the time the grenade barrage started.

Witzke also told National File that there was no communication from police before the assault began.

Police in riot situations typically communicate with crowds by megaphone to, for instance, order them to disperse because their assembly is declared unlawful – “reading the Riot Act” in common parlance – but that common practice was completely ignored in this case.

According to the police accounts of the incident to the Washington Post, a riot was not declared until 1:50 p.m. by Robert Glover, the MPDC police-on-scene commander who was promoted shortly after the incident.

The riot declaration supposedly took place after “police had exhausted their chemical munitions”, which was roughly 30 minutes after they had started using them.

Given the video evidence, it appears that much of Glover’s account was false. There is no evidence from Baggins’ video that Glover officially declared a riot at all, let alone using a megaphone or in any way that was audible to the crowd.

Nor is there evidence to corroborate Glover’s assertion that “rioters who had scaled the scaffolding were on an upper terrace pelting officers with debris from above.” Baggins’ footage of the scaffolding in question shows no violent activity at all and no apprehension from officers below that those above them were a threat.

Nearly all of those pictured on the scaffolding were waving flags or recording video.

It is also noteworthy that Glover arrived and took command at roughly 1:15 p.m. – which fits the timeline for when the police grenade assault began.

“There were smoke bombs, sound bombs… I couldn’t see because tear gas was in my eyes. I reopened my eyes and he was laying down on the ground lifeless,” Witzke said. “I don’t know if he was hit with it or startled into a heart attack, I just know it got so cloudy I couldn’t see… then he was on the ground.”

Witzke and others, attempting to get the dying man to safety on a makeshift gurney, called out to police for help and asked the crowd to make way for him. According to Witzke, the police heard their desperate pleas but refused to help and continued to pelt the crowd with LTL grenades, which made Greeson’s evacuation more difficult.

In the chaos, it took roughly half an hour to get Greeson to medical personnel, at which point he was declared dead at 2:05 p.m.

Based on the witness testimony and video evidence, it is clear that the New York Times’ reporting that “emergency personnel rushed to help” was false.

“Emergency personnel” were not allowed into the crowd, which was actively being assaulted with LTL ordnance, and that relentless assault inhibited the Trump supporters who actually did perform CPR to bring Greeson to safety.

It is inconceivable how “a New York Times reporter” reporting on the ground could have neglected to notice that fact.

The video fast-forwards to a point where the USCP grenade barrage gets more intense, with audible explosions and grenades visibly flying through the air while bagpipes play “Scotland the Brave” in the background.

One grenade – either through direct impact or concussive force – knocks a lens out of Baggins’ glasses.

Most of the peaceful portion of the crowd seem unfazed or even confused, as if the idea of being afraid of police were completely foreign to them.

Far from dispersing the crowd, the increased use of LTL ordnance just enraged them, prompting more and more to confront the police.

Men in the crowd seemed especially fired up when women would approach the police line and be violently rebuffed.

After that segment, the video cuts to the point where an hole is cut in the fabric covering the scaffolding around the Capitol steps and people start climbing in. A man on a megaphone is heard saying, “You’re out here gassing women and children! What the fuck is the matter with you?” followed by an accidental explosion of a tear gas grenade inside the police line.

It appears that a number of the grenades thrown throughout the day were duds or otherwise malfunctioning, which would make sense given that post-1/6 reviews cited substandard equipment on the part of the USCP. Substandard ordnance could also explain why there was just enough impact to enrage the crowd but not actually disperse it. Later in the video, Baggins reports that police have deployed much stronger tear gas than they had originally.

It’s possible that the substandard USCP equipment was being gradually reinforced by fully-functioning D.C. Metropolitan Police (MPDC) ordnance, as a number officers with MPDC insignia are increasingly visible in the police line.

In the last segment of the video, Baggins climbs to the top of the scaffolding for a clear view of the courtyard and takes the only footage that the mainstream press saw fit to print: images of the crowd shattering the police line and overwhelming the USCP.

They, of course, neglected to show footage of a Rodney-King-style beatdown of the first unarmed and apparently-nonviolent protester who ran into the courtyard.

Nor did they show footage of a crying woman on the ground next to an American flag in the center of the courtyard apparently being manhandled by police.

Some outlets even showed events in reverse order, implying that the police used LTL ordnance to push back a violent mob instead of what actually happened: the violent mob only existed because of a sustained barrage of LTL ordnance used against innocent women, children and senior citizens – one of whom died.

In reality, the police ceased deploying LTL ordnance against the crowd as soon as the western courtyard line was shattered and did not resume until later that evening, after D.C. National Guard reinforcements arrived.

It’s important to note the lay of the land: The rally kicked off in earnest around 10 a.m. as hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered on the hill around the Washington Monument just south of the White House in preparation for an 11 a.m. speech, roughly a mile and a half away from the Capitol’s western courtyard.

National File estimates a crowd size of at least 300,000 by the Washington Monument. It is impossible to tell exactly how many more were there because the crowd literally extended as far as the eye could see and beyond.

That estimate is based on our own on-the-ground footage, not aerial photography, because it appears no aerial footage of 1/6 has been published to date.

In fact, it appears little to no publicly-available aerial photography exists of any DC Trump rally since one photo showing over 13,000 attendees in Freedom Plaza on November 14, 2020 was viciously attacked on Twitter by enraged leftists who denied how many attended.

As this reporter documented in our scientific estimate of 560,000 rally attendees minimum for the Million MAGA March. That episode of public shaming included widespread speculation that the young African-American NBC Washington photojournalist who took the picture didn’t exist:

President Trump began his speech just before noon and continued speaking until 1:11 p.m. At approximately 1:09 p.m. he ended his speech with an exhortation to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.

He specified that the goal was for demonstrators to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” and to “cheer on our brave Senators, and Congressmen and women”:

Our exciting adventures and boldest endeavors have not yet begun. My fellow Americans for our movement, for our children and for our beloved country and I say this, despite all that’s happened, the best is yet to come.

So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.

Long before the President finished speaking, suspicious characters including Ray Epps breached the initial police line at the Peace Monument, just on the edge of the Capitol Green, and removed barriers indicating the area was off-limits. (READ MORE: Stewart Rhodes, Ray Epps, John Sullivan Subpoenaed to Testify in 1/6 Oath Keepers Case)

As reported by Darren Beattie of Revolver News, it appears that the intent was to make it appear to attendants of the President’s speech that they were allowed to enter the Capitol.

Indeed, the majority of attendees only arrived long after the violence was concluded and the USCP was inviting demonstrators into the building by the time they did.

According to accounts by J. Michael Waller (Senior Analyst for Strategy at the Center for Security Policy) and Antonio R. Chaves, while the President was still speaking to the massive crowd, a stream of suspicious militia-like characters – no more than 200 – started making their way towards the Capitol Building followed by a crowd of hangers-on.

This was quite uncharacteristic. To put it mildly, diehard Trump-supporters are not known for leaving his speeches before they are concluded.

Audio at the Ellipse speech was somewhat inadequate – meaning they could barely hear the President’s speech – and many in attendance were tourists with little knowledge of DC geography, so it’s unsurprising that many would follow a group of strangers who looked like they knew where they were going.

Once at the Capitol Courtyard in force, a few dozen individuals sparred at the police line while a man with a bullhorn (audible in Baggins’ footage) coordinates the attack.

As was also reported by Darren Beattie, the man literally leading the attack on the Capitol has never been arrested, charged or even identified as a person of interest by the FBI.

This is despite the many people charged with federal crimes who authorities don’t even allege went near the Capitol, let alone attacked anyone or destroyed any property.

From Waller’s account:

A very few didn’t share the jovial, friendly, earnest demeanor of the great majority. Some obviously didn’t fit in. Among them were younger twentysomethings wearing new Trump or MAGA hats, often with the visor in the back, showing no enthusiasm and either looking at the ground, or glowering, or holding out their phones with outstretched arms to make videos of as many faces as possible in the crowd.

Some appeared awkward, the way someone’s body language inadvertently shows the world that he feel like he doesn’t fit in. A few seemed to be nursing a deep, churning rage.

A second outlier group also stood out. While many marchers wore military camouflage shirts, jackets, or pants of various patterns and states of wear and in all shapes and sizes, here and there one would see people of a different type: Wiry young men in good physical condition dressed neatly in what looked like newer camouflage uniforms with black gear, subdued patches including Punisher skulls, and helmets.

They showed tidiness and discipline. They strode instead of walked, moving at a more rapid pace than most of the people, sometimes breaking into a short jog, and generally keeping to the left side of Constitution Avenue in pairs of two or small groups of three. Unlike others in old military clothes who tended to be affable and talkative, these sullen men seemed not to speak to anyone at all. As we would see, they were the disciplined, uniformed column of attackers. [emphasis original]

According to archived and time-stamped video footage, violence erupted sometime after 12:30 p.m. when a crowd of over 8,000 demonstrators gathered by the Capitol’s western courtyard. By 12:53 p.m. a small crowd stormed the barricades by force. By 1:03 p.m. they had pushed the USCP back to the Capitol steps.

In other words, President Trump was still speaking at the time violence began.

In fact, President Trump didn’t tell the crowd to go to the Capitol until 6 minutes after the Capitol perimeter was breached.

Furthermore, the vast majority of the crowd was peaceful even then. Footage at the Capitol steps shows virtually no violence until after the USCP started firing LTL ordnance at sometime between 1:15 p.m. and 1:19 p.m.

One video at time-stamped at 1:18 p.m. shows police reinforcements arriving as an individual is carried out on a stretcher towards an ambulance – that individual does not appear to be Greeson who, according to independent journalist Taylor Hansen, died at roughly 1:30 p.m.

The final police line at the Capitol steps was shattered by 2 p.m. at the latest.

For someone to leave the Ellipse when the President’s speech ended at 1:09 p.m. and arrive by the time mass violence started, they’d have to run better than a six-minute-mile, which would be quite a feat given the fact that the crowd was dominated by baby-boomers swaddled in cold-weather gear.

Regardless, despite left-wing and media rhetoric about “tens of thousands” of “violent insurrectionists” – the video evidence clearly proves that there were hundreds of thousands of demonstrators of which dozens or, at most, a couple hundred were actually violent.

These widespread miscalculations seem to be motivated by a desire to simultaneously limit the perception of the President’s popularity and vastly exaggerate the degree to which his supporters had unlawful intent.

It is also a mystery why the USCP would open fire on a crowd of innocent protesters without, for instance, an official declaration that it was an unlawful assembly.

The most likely theories are that: someone in command on the ground (such as Glover) panicked; a commander outside of the action ordered the escalation, either over-estimating the effectiveness of their ordnance or under-estimating the size of the crowd; or demands from outside the chain of command – from the FBI, Congress or elsewhere – precipitated the assault.

It could also be a simple case of differing perspectives: as far as the police were concerned, the demonstrators had already violently breached several lines of defense, but most of the crowd arrived long after that happened and had no clue that the original perimeter extended out as far as the Peace Monument. It was quite possible to deem the crowd as a threat given prior events, despite the fact that – according to Witzke and others – there was no violence until after the police assault.

For those interested in reading more about police brutality on 1/6, we strongly recommend Julie Kelly’s reporting at American Greatness.

Her reporting on the death of Rosanne Boyland – whose death has been ruled a drug overdose by the D.C. Medical Examiner – exposed that, shortly before her “drug overdose”, she was allegedly videotaped being beaten half a dozen times in the head with an ASP baton by a policeman in a white shirt (which usually connotes a commanding officer).

ASP batons are telescopic metal alloy rods which police are generally trained not to use against unprotected skulls, since they can easily cause severe brain injury and death.

Please stay tuned for the final article in our series of unreported facts about 1/6, where we detail the suspicious behavior of the FBI, the stunning incompetence of local D.C. authorities and why the USCP went from fighting the rally-goers to inviting them into the Capitol. We will also name the memory-holed individual who ordered a deadly military crackdown against the remaining peaceful crowd on the evening of 1/6, as well as the military occupation of our nation’s capital in advance of Joseph Robinette Biden’s inauguration ceremony.
This is Part 2 of our 3-part What Really Happened on 1/6 Series. Click here for Part 1.
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