VIDEOS: Feminists Burn Harry Potter Books on TikTok Because JK Rowling Doesn't Respect Trans Women


Multiple videos have surfaced of feminists burning their Harry Potter book collections after multiple social media spats that reveal author J.K. Rowling to be a TERF, or trans-exclusionary radical feminist, who does not believe that biologically male men who seek to become transgender women are as valid as biological women.

Several videos show unhappy females burning literature, originally uploaded to TikTok, are currently being spread on Twitter by members of the LGBTQ community who are not convinced book burnings are the best way to advance their goals.

In one video of a massive collection of Harry Potter books burning in a brazier, the narrator explains that “You have to stop using ‘death of the author’ as an excuse to have your cake and eat it, too,” and that “it is impossible to completely divorce a work from its creator.”

The narrator also claims that “The positive impact that J.K. Rowling’s work has had on millions of readers does not negate how her hateful lobbying has affected the trans community,” and “This doesn’t even touch on the harmful fatphobia, racism, and valorization of supremacists and child abusers in her most famous work.”

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Another woman shoes several individual pages of Harry Potter books be burned in a small container while energetic music plays. Toward the end of the video, the creator begins angrily chanting, “TERF, TERF, TERF, TERF, TERF.”

In a third video uploaded to Twitter, a woman makes an artistic display of carefully ripping out one page from a Harry Potter book while moving to the tune of the song playing in the background. She then holds the page with a pair of tongs in one hand, and uses what appears to be a BIC multi-purpose lighter to burn it with her other. As the video concludes, “This is epic” plays.

Rowling is currently facing a new wave of controversy after it was revealed that her new book contains a “transvestite serial killer,” something feminists consider TERF propganda.

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