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VIDEO: Woman Holds 'ABORT TRUMP' Sign, Says She'd Celebrate If He Died


Kaitlin Bennett, Infowars and Liberty Hangout reporter, filmed an interview with a woman holding a sign reading “ABORT TRUMP”.

In a video posted to Facebook, Bennett captured a bizarre exchange with an anti-Trump protester who held a sign that read “ABORT TRUMP” and said she would celebrate if President Donald Trump were to die.

“He needs to go,” said the woman, rambling. “He’s mentally unstable, he’s an idiot, he does not know what he’s doing, he has no political experience whatsoever, he’s a TV star, he has no business being president, he’s a liar, a cheater, a collusioner, a traitor, it’s a mockery.”

When Bennett asked the woman about the significance of the phrase “Abort Trump”, she continued to ramble.

“I believe in my rights to reproductive freedoms, to birth control that is covered under insurance,” she said. “I thought I’d tie the two together.”

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Bennett then asked, “We should abort him?”

This prompted the woman to go on, “Abort, yes, as in get rid of, remove.” She continued, “That someone should kill him? No, abort means end. You abort a mission, you abort a presidency.”

The bizarre encounter continued, with the woman claiming that President Trump “should have been aborted” and that he is “a waste of air”.

“If he dropped dead would I celebrate? Hell yeah I would,” the woman laughed. “He is a horrible human being who has done nothing positive for human kind, or this country, or this world.”

“He is a waste of life,” she continued, exasperated. “So yes, he should be aborted.”

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