VIDEO: White Liberals Kiss Boots of Black Hebrew Israelites


Several videos have emerged showing a white liberals kiss the boots of members of the controversial Black Israelites group.

The first video–which garnered significant traffic–shows a couple of white liberals more than happy to kiss the boots of the group’s members, with the girl giggling throughout.

In the first tweet, one member can be heard introducing the boot-kissing proposition, “go ahead, man,” before accidentally knocking over a water bottle converted into a donation jar.

He continues, after placing his boot on a speaker, “there you go, right here.”

The man bends over to kiss the boot, followed by the woman.

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“Get in here, Mr White Man, Mrs White Women, give these white people a hand [of applause].”

The man proceeds to laugh, while the woman interjects, “you guys are awesome” as they applaud.

Both the man and the woman continue to kiss the boots of the rest of the group members as the announcer praises their salute to the group.

The announcer then says, “that’s proof that they are sorry for what their forefathers have done.”

A thunderous chorus of “das rite” agreed with the general sentiment.

After kissing the rest of the group’s boots, the announcer asks for their names and tells people to “give these white people a hand.”

The woman, Skyler, replies by saying: “you guys are awesome.”

In another clip containing the same couple, the announcer tells the white man, “you should be on your knees.”

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The man immediately complies, to which the woman replies, “you guys are awesome.”

The announcer goes onto to command the couple to put their faces toward the earth–and lick the dust off their feet.

Another clip, in the same thread, shows a different couple accepting orders from the Black Israelite group, similar to the first couple.

Following the couple’s prostration, the announcer exclaims, “there is hope for the white race.”

A final video in the thread shows a solo female woman seek repentance by kissing the boots of the Black Israelites.

According to the New York Times:

The Black Hebrew Israelites are known for their inflammatory sidewalk ministers who employ provocation as a form of gospel, preaching a theology that says the chosen ones are black, Native American and Hispanic people.

Similar boot-kissing videos have circulated social media in the past for white people to apologize for past wrongs.

In 2018, The Sun reported on members of Sicarii 1715 in California order white people to kiss their boots in bizarre footage.

The Black Hebrew Israelites were also protesting in Washington, D.C. when student Nick Sandmann was accused of racism for smirking at Nathan Phillips at the March for Life in 2019.

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