VIDEO: Utah Student Cuts Down Intersectional LGBT Flag That Covered Cuban Flag, Crowd Cheers


Video footage from Ridgeville High School in Millville, Utah shows a student cutting down a left-wing intersectional LGBT flag from a banister where it covered the Cuban flag, drawing raucous cheers from the student body. The action has drawn outrage from school officials and LGBT activists.

In the footage, a male student can be seen cutting down the LGBT flag in front of a crowd of cheering onlookers, revealing the Cuban national flag that had been covered by the intersectional pro-transgender banner.

The Cuban flag had been covered by the LGBT flag as part of a “Diversity Week” that featured “gay-straight alliance clubs.”

Predictably, the incident drew outrage on social media.

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School officials were quick to express performative outrage, with Cache County School District spokesperson Tim Smith stating that “neither the school nor the school district condones the insensitive and disrespectful removal of the flag, which was done without permission.”

“This type of incident reminds us of the importance of continually educating students, not just during a Diversity Week, on the importance of respecting one another and the right to attend school, participate in events, and learn in a safe and respectful school environment,” Smith added.

According to Smith, the decision to cover up the Cuban national flag with the intersectional flag was not intentional, and he stressed the importance of making the school an environment where LGBT activists feel safe, saying “We’ve been talking to those students this morning to make sure they feel OK and like it’s a good environment for them to return to.”

Students have complained of feeling “unsafe” because the flag was removed, though little explanation has been provided as to why.

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