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VIDEO: UK Man Beats 'Migrant' After Attempting to Snatch Young Girl from Street


A shocking video has circulated social media where a man, who has been described as being an “immigrant,” attempted to snatch a young girl off the street before he is intercepted by another man–reportedly a relation to the young girl–and is beaten up for his failed kidnapping.

In disturbing footage, a driver in a car, filming the prelude to the fight, pulls up to a parking lot, reportedly in Widnes, Cheshire, in the north of England, before a man who claimed to be the father of an eleven-year-old girl the reported immigrant attempted to kidnap laid into him with several blows to the face and head.

Passersby gathered around to cheer on the father in beating the man accused of attempting to snatch the young girl off the street, who the driver filming the incident repeatedly called a “nonce”–a British idiom for “pedophile.”

Several expletives were thrown at the man accused of being a “nonce.” Two women approached the felled alleged attempted kidnapper hurling insults and landing a weak slap.

The father of the girl, who was allegedly almost kidnapped, was reportedly arrested following the beating dished out to the man who was reportedly an “illegal immigrant.”

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Another caption for the video read: “Illegal immigrant tries snatching an 11yr old girl in Widnes, Cheshire, luckily he was caught by the family and [neighbors], the father has now been arrested for assaulting him.”

Social media users resurrected a running theme of the British police’s double standard in policing as the girl’s father was reportedly arrested following the incident.

Complaints in line with the police’s blind eye turned to the industrial scale grooming and sexual molestation of teenage British girls resurfaced. Others warned of a rise in vigilantism due to mass immigration on the one hand, and a police force devoted to social justice virtue signals, on the other.

Last year, National File reported on a story from Sweden where a father was arrested for beating up an armed intruder that held a gun to his son’s head.

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