VIDEO: UK Black Rioters Tear Down Statue Of African Icon Haile Selassie


Black rioters have torn down a statue of iconic African leader Emperor Haile Selassie during a Black Lives Matter protest in London, United Kingdom.

MyLondon News reports that a gang of 100 rioters destroyed the statue in Cannizaro Park, located in the city’s Wimbledon neighborhood.

Video footage reveals that the rioters were all black themselves, and their violent activities have been described by media outlets as linked to the shooting of left-wing activist Hachalu Hundessa by Ethiopian police in 2019.

White residents of the liberal neighborhood appeared to be largely ambivalent towards the destruction of the statue.

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“Part of me thinks all the statue toppling is a little bit pointless as it’s history, and yet for them, it might be quite cathartic,” said Andrew Morris, a local resident and a eyewitness to the destruction.

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Haile Selassie is regarded as an icon of Africa, having led the only African Empire free from colonial rule – the Ethiopian Empire – from 1930 to 1974. He is revered by Jamaica’s Rastafarian religious sect as a Messiah.

A group of patriotic Ethiopians and Rastafarian Jamaicans later gathered to pay their respects to Selassie and stand in opposition to the Black Lives Matter destruction.

“A statue of Haile Selassie of Ethiopia in London was vandalized by Oromo extremists. Some Ethiopians and Jamaicans went to the spot to see the damage and give their due respect to the great African leader,” the group wrote in a statement in the description of the video.

“They raised the base of the statue, wrapped it with the flag of Ethiopia, raised another flags on top and made prayers.”

However, Selassie has more recently come under criticism by the woke mob. Selassie was an ardent anti-communist, and often used force to suppress leftist activity in the country until he was overthrown by the Marxist Derg in 1974. He has also been accused of collaboration with the British Empire against the Woyane rebels, and with Nazi Germany in the 1930s against the invading forces of Fascist Italy.

Most bizarrely of all, the left have even claimed that Selassie was in fact an anti-black racist, citing alleged discrimination against the darker-skinned and more negroid Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia during his rule. Selassie himself was half Oromo and half Amharic, a lighter-skinned and more caucasoid ethnic group. Black Lives Matter protesters argue that due to the existence of slavery during the early years of his rule, he was complicit in the oppression of darker-skinned peoples, despite the fact that Selassie himself abolished slavery in 1942.

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