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VIDEO: Trump Tells Utah Governor, 'You Keep' Mitt Romney, 'We Don't Want Him'


While delivering remarks earlier today at the White House, President Donald Trump again took an opportunity to lambast Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for voting with Democrats to convict the president at his impeachment trial.

As he took questions and delivered remarks at the White House Business Session, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert was called on by President Trump to ask a question.

Before allowing his question, President Trump asked, “How’s Mitt Romney?”

Immediately, the crowd began to laugh.

While he is off microphone, Herbert appears to respond, “I haven’t talked with him.”

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The president then continued, “You can keep him,” ostensibly in Utah. “We don’t want him.”

President Trump then told the crowd that Herbert “is doing a great job in Utah, by the way,” before taking his question.

While most Trump supporting Republicans appear to be incensed by Romney voting with Democrats, commentator and Daily Wire owner Ben Shapiro has repeatedly cast Romney in a positive light, and suggested Republicans stop hammering him.

National File also reported on Romney’s sordid history.

The failed presidential candidate and current Utah senator is connected to Burisma Holdings, of Hunter Biden fame, invested in a baby fetus disposal company used by Planned Parenthood, and while at Bain Capital, accepted money from Robert Maxwell, the father of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam and longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

National File reported:

Utah GOP senator Willard “Mitt” Romney is standing out among Republicans for his anti-President Trump activism during Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Romney said that he would be open to hearing what John Bolton has to say as a trial witness, after Bolton allegedly wrote in his unpublished manuscript that Trump wanted to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine. The reasons Trump allegedly wanted to withhold the aid are unclear, and Trump has strongly denied Bolton’s hypothetical claim, which was reported by the New York Times. There is no hard evidence that Trump withheld aid to Ukraine to coerce the government to investigate Joe Biden’s alleged corruption regarding his role in the firing of a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma Holdings, an oil company that Joe’s son Hunter Biden sat on the board of.

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Romney has his own problems that make it clear he is not a real conservative and underscore why Romney is so maliciously anti-Trump.

Some, including Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union and CPAC, have railed against Romney.

Schlapp told Fox News, “In a political sense, he is ostracized. He is excommunicated. He has lost all credibility. He should hire lots of security guards — I don’t wish him any physical harm, but people are furious!”

Romney was uninvited from CPAC this week.

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