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VIDEO: Trump Slams Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Says 'I'm Ashamed That I Endorsed Him'


President Donald Trump berated Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, for his role Georgia’s 2020 election, and his complete inaction in preparing for the January 5 runoff election, calling him “useless” and saying he is “ashamed” he endorsed the Republican in 2018, when he won a contentious election over opponent Stacey Abrams, who refused to concede after her electoral defeat.

President Trump began by warning Republicans about another potentially fraudulent Georgia election on January 5, where the state will undergo a runoff Senate election, and noted that the Georgia Secretary of State and Kemp have both remained completely inactive on verifying election integrity both for the November 3 election and the upcoming runoff.

“Like this character in Georgia, who is a disaster,” said President Trump, referring to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, who has thus far said signature verification of mail-in ballots is impossible despite Kemp finally admitting it should be done.

President Trump then turned his attention toward Kemp, saying “The governor’s done nothing, he’s done absolutely nothing. I’m ashamed that I endorsed him.”

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Earlier in the interview, President Trump slammed the state of Georgia for its decision to double down on mail-in voting and its continued use of the highly suspect Dominion Voting Systems machines.

“Look at the election you have coming up right now,” said President Trump. “You’re using the same garbage machinery, Dominion.”

President Trump then added that Abrams claims she has registered 900,000 people to vote by mail in Georgia, asking “What kind of an election is this? She’s going around collecting votes, what kind of election is this, what kind of country are we living in now?

President Trump also warned the Republican Party that if they refuse to act during this Constitutional crisis, the party will permanently concede to Democrat voter fraud and disenfranchise its voters, effectively and permanently ending its presence at a national level.

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