VIDEO: Site of George Floyd's Death Now Hosts Gospel Concerts, Reportedly Baptisms


A video emerged on social media with visibly emotional religious revelers appearing to be at the site of George Floyd’s death as the man, who died in Minneapolis police custody, celebrating the life of Floyd with gospel music, and allegedly, baptisms.

In the clip, tear-jerking music initially played as dozens of people remained on the heavily marked streets. Later, a band played for a waning crowd as the day appeared to progress.

The Twitter user who uploaded the video claimed that the “place where George Floyd died is now where baptism takes place.”

Some have called the actions following the in-custody killing of the suspected fraudster almost cult-like as the man who triggered international protests–and riots–was given multiple send-offs.

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Christian musician and worship leader Sean Feucht was criticized for leading the events at the intersection of 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis, according to Bring Me The News.

Critics accused the gospel singer, and former member of California-based ‘Bethel Music Collective,’ of co-opting the tragedy in order to promote himself.

Commenters on social media also compared the scenes to that of a cult. One person tweeted: “How on earth has white self hatred and worshipping a crook murdered by police become a religion.”

Joking about how the coronavirus narrative was temporarily dropped in order to give way to guilt-free demonstrations two weeks ago, another person chimed in tweeting: “Well he did sacrifice his own life to single-handedly put an end to the pandemic so if that ain’t worthy of sainthood then what is[?]”

A third person picked apart the double standard within the narrative as Black Lives Matter protesters were given almost free rein to avoid social distancing, while other rallies were frowned upon.

“Look at all those people NOT wearing masks and standing right in each others faces! But surely the protests WONT cause a second spike, unlike Trump’s rallies or Florida reopening bars, etc. Don’t let them bury the inevitable numbers that come out of this, because they WILL try,” they wrote.

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Following the death of Floyd, there have been far-reaching consequences including multiple riot deaths, protests and violence overseas, and, perhaps most stunningly, the formation of an anarchist commune in Seattle after police vacated a precinct to ease tensions.

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