VIDEO: Rittenhouse Judge Rebukes Prosecutor For Attacking And Politicizing A Witness, 'This is Not A Political Trial'


Judge Bruce Schroeder rebuked Assistant Attorney General Thomas Binger for attacking a defense witness’ purported political affiliation and demanding to know the political affiliation of his employer during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Thursday. Schroeder sternly noted that “this is not a political trial,” drawing a series of contorted political expressions from the liberal prosecutor.

BINGER: “Does Real America’s Voice have any sort of political bias or agenda or anything like that?”


SCHROEDER: “What is the relevance of this?”

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BINGER: “It goes to the bias of the witness, Your Honor.”

SCHROEDER: “The bias in what respect? I assume that people – I commented at the beginning that this is not a political trial, and I don’t know how you would isolate a person’s particular politics and determine that that person is going to evaluate the evidence one way or another.”

BINGER: “Okay, I’ll move on.”

Following Schroeder’s state that “this is not a political trial,” Binger contorted his face into a series of facial expressions that appeared to indicate disagreement with the judge’s legally and factually accurate statement.

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