VIDEO: Rioters in Portland Assault Man Carrying American Flag, Knock Out Man Who Helped Him


As riots spring up across the country and protests are organized across the world, images of violence were captured and uploaded to social media, showcasing the extent of the chaos that rocked several major U.S. cities last night. A particularly shocking image came from Portland, Oregon, as a man who was reportedly helping a harassed man for carrying an American flag was chased down and assaulted, reportedly losing some teeth in the process.

One assaulted man was carrying the Star-Spangled Banner before he was confronted by the rioters who tried to take the flag from him. When he refused to hand over the flag, he was sucker-punched by a man wearing a “F*** Trump” t-shirt.

Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo tweeted out the brutal footage with the caption: “Portland: A man brought an American flag to the antifa/BLM protest (later riot). He is confronted & then sucker-punched by a man wearing a “F— Trump” shirt. The mob rushed in to beat him. He never let go of the flag. @PortlandPolice did not help.”

A man who came to his assistance was then chased down and knocked to the ground hard before one of the rioters cowardly kicked his head like a soccer ball. The bloodied man appeared to have lost at least a tooth following the fall and kick.

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A rioter joked about knocking the man’s “motherf***ing a** out” before going on to taunt him with “black lives matter, f****t.”

Ngo tweeted out the second clip with the title: “Portland: A man tried to help the man carrying a US flag who was getting beaten on the ground at yesterday’s antifa/BLM riot. They chased him away and kicked him in the face when he was unconscious on the ground:”

“You’re lucky they’re even helping you. Who the f-ck are you running your mouth like that?” One of the rioters later asks.

“Do not, do not protest against black lives because guess what, we’re showing up for you even though you’re being terrible to people,” said another.

Several other acts of violence have been caught on film and posted to social media over the past few days, illustrating the extent of the chaos.

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