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VIDEO: Reporter Tears Down COVID-19 Roadblocks to Austin Public Parks


Action 7’s Savanah Hernandez tore down the COVID-19 roadblocks preventing Austin residents from entering their public parks on Thursday.

Hernandez turned up to Barton Springs public park in Austin on Thursday, where there were roadblocks preventing Austin residents from entering the parks, following an order from Mayor Steve Adler to shut them down to supposedly stop the spread of COVID-19.

“No one in Austin gives a damn about the blockade,” Hernandez said, before she ripped apart the barriers and roadblocks in the path.

“Did you guys see how easy that was? No facemasks, no fines, no police officers, no-one is stopping us from doing this,” Hernandez said. “Why? Because this is nature, and we in Austin, the taxpayers who pay for all these natural parks, should be able to access them!”:

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There are so many people in here, because nobody cares about these mandates anymore for COVID-19. Everyone knows it’s ridiculous. There’s no over-run hospitals here in Austin – people aren’t dying in the streets. People should be able to go outside for their own personal health and experience nature… I’ve been stuck inside my apartment for the past 3 months because of Mayor Adler’s BS lockdown orders, and it’s time to rage!

A number of thankful citizens passed Hernandez and her camera crew as they entered the park. When questioned as to why they were coming in, they simply said that because everybody else was doing it. “Everyone has this sheep-like mentality that they’re going to follow what the masses are doing,” Hernandez added. “Be that domino – be the first one that falls because look what happens!”

On Monday, Alex Jones was the first to confront masked COVID-19 contact tracers who had shut down access to Austin’s public parks. Jones approached the masked contact tracers with a megaphone, declaring that their presence and control of the Austin parks was totally “unconstitutional,” noting it’s “not even a city ordinance.” Jones instead described the actions from the mayor as “an illegal power grab of the people’s greenbelt.”

You can watch the video in full below:

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