VIDEO: Pro-Migrant Journalist Beaten by Greek Locals for Assisting Illegal Migrants


Video footage from Greece shows a left-wing German journalist who openly supports mass “refugee” migration getting soundly beaten by a contingent of Greek islanders who were apparently angered at his attempts to provide positive press coverage for the migrants.

Michael Trammer is a left-wing activist and self-described freelance journalist reporting on “far-right activities” who was at the scene when Greek locals tried to push a boat loaded with migrant men away from the docks on the island of Lesbos.

Trammer was surrounded by locals and slapped around, and the camera he was using to take sympathetic photos of the migrants was thrown into the water.

Trammer later described his attackers as “fascists,” though there is zero evidence that the Greek locals were members of any such organization.

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“My cameras were thrown in the water. I was beaten and kicked heavily. This lasted a while. No police on site, also as I left. Some locals that disagreed with what the attackers did took care of me. And I am with friends,” Trammer tweeted.

The islanders and the Greek populace in general have become angered by foreign journalists who have entered the country to report favorably on the migrants and portray them as victims of a xenophobic Greece.

A video reported on earlier today by National File shows migrants holding children over smoldering fires, reportedly to make them cry in front of the cameras of western photographers.

Another viral video shows western photographers coaching and taking pictures from multiple angles of a woman kneeling on the shore with hands raised, in a scene reminiscent of a fashion model photoshoot.

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