VIDEO: Pennsylvania Poll Watcher Claims 47 Missing USB Drives Uploaded Up To 120,000 Illegal Votes


At the Pennsylvania hearing on the integrity of the 2020 election, Greg Stenstrom, a navy veteran, computer scientist and Pennsylvania poll watcher, alleged that 47 USB cards have gone missing after he witnessed them being uploaded to voting machines, casting doubts concerning the validity of up to 120,000 votes. President Donald Trump posted a tweet regarding his testimony today at 8:36 a.m.

Stenstrom stated that he is an expert in security and fraud, and that he witnessed a warehouse supervisor upload USB drives to voting machines at least 24 times with zero observation by poll watchers. The witness explained that he has submitted pictures of the supervisor “walking in with baggies” of USB drives in his signed affidavit, in which he addresses multiple election day irregularities.

Stenstrom notes that he was told by legal experts that it is standard for USB drives to be used by warehouse supervisors to tally votes, but after speaking with U.S. Attorney William McSwain and other law enforcement officials, he was told that “generally, more than two is unusual.”

47 of these USB drives are now allegedly unaccounted for. Stenstrom said that the handling of these drives is in violation of the rules set by the Delaware County Board of Elections, noting that “In all cases, they didn’t follow any of the procedures.”

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As a result of these apparent irregularities, up to 120,000 illegal votes may have been counted. Stenstrom proclaimed: “I don’t believe, as a citizen and an observer to this, that anybody could certify that vote in good conscience.”

When he raised the issue to law enforcement, he was dissatisfied with their reaction:

“I literally begged multiple law enforcement agencies to go get the forensic evidence from the computers. It’s a simple process. It wouldn’t have taken more than an hour to image all 5 machines. That was never done despite my objections and that was three weeks ago.”

Furthermore, Stenstrom explained that “it doesn’t take a big conspiracy” for election crimes to be carried out, that it would only take a few individuals to successfully commit these alleged acts.

While the Pennsylvania hearings have received major attention for alleged election irregularities and voter fraud, the President recently noted that other cities have experienced similar circumstances in this tweet:

Following the Wednesday hearing in Pennsylvania, the state legislature now has plans to draft a joint resolution to take the power to appoint presidential electors, leaving it out of the hands of the Secretary of State.

All of this comes as many mainstream news organizations and prominent government officials continue to claim that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Joe Biden, according to the questionable results being reported, has received a record-breaking number of votes, which the Associated Press has reported to now have reached over 80 million. This is far more than what the previous record was, when Barack Obama received 69 million votes in 2008.

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The President continues his push to convince the American people that widespread voter fraud and irregularities have occurred to the benefit of his opposition.

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