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VIDEO: Overweight Cop Tases, Arrests Asthmatic Mom for Not Wearing Mask at School Football Game


Video footage from Ohio shows a mother being manhandled, tased, and arrested in the bleachers in front of her children at an eight-grade football game for not wearing a mask. The mother said she has asthma, a condition which could be complicated by wearing a mask.

In the video, a portly police officer can be seen grabbing the woman off the bleachers in front of her children as she cries out, “Let go of me!”

The woman’s children flee out of frame as the police officer continues to grapple with and manhandle her.

The pair then awkwardly slide down the bench as the officer tries pinning his quarry to the bleacher seat as she yells, “Stop it, let go of my breast?”

“This is over a mask?” someone in the background asks, and someone else answers in the affirmative.

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A taser crackles between the struggling pair, and the mother screams and slumps down, as the officer can be seen pressing the non-lethal weapon into her shoulder.

The woman was eventually arrested and hauled away from the bleachers. She told the arresting officer that she was not wearing a mask because she has asthma.

Social media users noted that the story does not appear to have gained traction outside of local news, unlike stories in which black suspects are arrested by police officers.

In related news, three Christians were arrested in Moscow, Idaho for singing hymns while not wearing masks:

In the first video, a group of four police officers can be seen handcuffing a single man, grabbing him by the arm, and leading him to a squad car away from the rest of the congregation as the remaining churchgoers sing hymns in the background.

“Didn’t see this happen with BLM, Gabe,” someone states in the background.

“You guys should not be doing this, and doing this kind of crap for the mayor is embarrassing,” the man being arrested says.

Commentator Michelle Malkin noted on Twitter, “Throwing Molotov cocktails at police in the Pacific Northwest won’t get you arrested. But singing psalms without a mask in Moscow, Idaho, WILL get you hauled off to jail in handcuffs. #anarchotyranny.”

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In another video, a young couple are separated and arrested for not following social distancing and mask guidelines at the same service, and are denied from even finishing singing a hymn in handcuffs.

Police crackdowns on citizens who do not comply with face mask regulations have been criticized for being significantly harsher and more militarized than crackdowns on Black Lives Matter protests.

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