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VIDEO: Nigerians Burn Down Chinese Factory in Response to Chinese Treatment of Africans


A group of young Nigerians burnt down a Chinese-owned factory in retaliation for the recent treatment of African migrants in China.

The incident appears to take place in Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Ogun State, close to Lagos in Southwestern Nigeria.

In the video, the amateur cameraman explains that “the youth are angry” and that “enough is enough,” while explaining that tensions were rising as there’s “no food anywhere.”

Smoke can be seen billowing from the factory as more people gather to the scene. The narrator suggests that the police were not capable of doing much to prevent the incident, and congregants throw missiles at the windows to smash the glass while the owners take shelter within the company grounds.

Trucks had their windshields smashed and fences were torn down in the incident.

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The news of Chinese mistreatment of African migrants has reportedly hit the continent hard, stoking Sinophobic resentment–compounding the pre-existing tensions over China’s silent colonization of the continent.

According to Kenyan Report, a Kenyan senator railed against his government’s stance on China and demanded for all Chinese residents to be expelled.

A potential diplomatic crisis over China’s treatment of African migrants has emerged. Meanwhile, African’s have vocally resisted Chinese economic encroachment.

Commenters around the world wrote their support for Nigeria beneath the video, at a time where Chinese global popularity is at an all-time low.

“Come alive Africa. Stop allowing outsiders to decide your future,” remarked one viewer.

“The Chinese have not seen anything yet,” said another.

A third commented: “My brothers and sisters in Africa, I support you one million percent. Enough is enough–and we are sick and tired of it.”

Tensions have flared in recent weeks as China adopts a xenophobic approach in dealing with Africa migrants. Images and reports of selective evictions and businesses refusing service of African patrons have gripped headlines.

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National File reported on a bizarre case of a Chinese restaurant in Nigeria shutting down after refusing service to Nigerian patrons within the restaurant itself, while allowing takeouts:

The Haufei Restaurant & Mall in Victoria Island, Lagos, had been center of ample controversy following their business model where native Nigerians reportedly received dismal customer service.

According to Nairametrics, Nigerians had complained on social media that they were not permitted to dine in the restaurant, but were allowed to order take out.

National File will continue to cover the global backlash against China in the wake of coronavirus.

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