VIDEO: Newsmax Host Denies Voter Fraud, Storms Off Set During Explosive Mike Lindell Interview


A fiery segment from cable channel Newsmax TV went viral on social media Tuesday after co-host Bob Sellers demanded that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell get “outta here,” and ultimately stormed off the set. Lindell’s comments on his recent Twitter ban and investigations into voter fraud appeared to Trigger Sellers’ outburst.

In response to a question about why his personal account and the official MyPillow account were banned from Twitter, Lindell stated, “Well, first [my personal account] was taken down because we have all the election fraud with these Dominion machines, we have 100% proof, and then when they took it down -“

Sellers then interrupted Lindell, saying, “Mike, Mike, you’re talking about machines that, uh, Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations [sic], we just wanna let people know that there’s nothing substantive that we’ve seen.”

The host then continued to talk over Lindell, reading a prepared statement off a sheet of paper: “And let me read you something there, while there were [sic] some clear evidence of some cases of vote fraud and election irregularities, the election results in every state were certified, and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final., the courts have also supported that view.”

Sellers then attempted to reroute the conversation back to Lindell’s thoughts on the Twitter ban, but the MyPillow CEO continued to speak about voter fraud.

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“Can I ask our producers, can we uh, get outta here please,” Sellers fumed. “Uh, I don’t wanna have to keep going over this. We at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those allegations that you’re -” The host then stood up and walked away from his desk, out of camera view. He did not return on-screen for the remainder of the interview.

Dominion Voting Systems has loudly and repeatedly threatened lawsuits against Newsmax and other networks that allow hosts and guests to mention vote irregularities related to Dominion vote tabulation machines.

The full exchange between Lindell and Sellers can be seen below.

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