VIDEO: Motorist Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protesters Blocking Road in Times Square


Video footage shows a vehicle accelerating through a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters who had assembled in Times Square, New York City to block roads and scream “No justice, no peace!” at passersby.

As the crowd ramps up the monotonous chanting, a car horn can be heard sounding off in the distance, as one person yells “Racist!”

The horn then goes off closer, and a sedan with a bumper guard pulls up to the protest. The Black Lives Matter activists surround the car and attempt to continue the shrill chants while blocking the vehicles path with bicycles.

As has been learned from similar cases in the past, the human bodies and bicycles prove ineffective in blocking the public road, as the car accelerates through the protest without much effort.

Black Lives Matter protesters desperately tried to beat on the vehicle with bicycles, poles, and blunt objects, but prove unsuccessful as it pulls away down the street. The chanting stops and cries of “Medic!” can be heard in the background.

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No serious injuries occurred during the incident, and the claims that the vehicle was affiliated with the NYPD and contained law enforcement officers was quickly refuted by authorities.

Black Lives Matter protest mobs have routinely attacked motorists during road-blocking demonstrations, and in several cases have opened fire on vehicles with firearms.

National File reported on one such case in June:

Video uploaded to Twitter shows a vehicle be quickly surrounded by rioters as the driver attempts to make their way through a Black Lives Matter protest. As the vehicle slows down to make its way through the mob of people, gunshots are heard as the mob continues attempting to stop the progress of the vehicle.

Immediately after the shots are fired, the vehicle quickly begins speeding through the crowd, even as more members of the mob attempt to throw themselves in front of the vehicle.

Another clip shows the same scene at a slower speed and zoomed in, showing a man clearly draw a pistol and begin firing into the vehicle at point blank range before the vehicle quickly speeds through the crowd.

“Zoomed in and slowed down video clearly shows the rioters pull a gun and shoot into the truck,” the local journalist who uploaded the video added.

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Protesters also attacked pro-Trump caravans in Portland last week, and one man, Aaron Danielson, was ultimately killed by an Antifa member.

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