VIDEO: Mardi Gras Float Depicts Hillary Clinton Strangling Jeffrey Epstein


A New Orleans Mardi Gras float depicted ex-First Lady and former presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, strangling disgraced alleged child sex trafficker billionaire Jeremy Epstein.

Last year, the internet and social media were awash with memes referencing the high-profile, controversial alleged suicide of the highly connected billionaire’s death while under police custody.

The memes’ message was simple: “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.”

A viral tweet shows the derisive float at the annual Mardi Gras festival held at the Louisiana city; implying that Clinton–who herself has become something of a meme, in relation to odd suicides and deaths of those posing a threat to her candidacy–may have had something to do with Epstein’s untimely demise.

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The float depicts a blonde-haired woman holding something to the neck of an orange-jumpsuit-clad Epstein.

According to the American Mirror, the side of the float read “I’m as innocent as OJ,” in reference to the high profile OJ Simpson trial.

Other political floats were seen at the parade.

A float mocking the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and other Democrat-led social programs, with a Bernie-Sanders lookalike driving the vehicle was also seen.

Reveler Paul Blair, captioned the tweet, saying, “I also loved this anti-Communist float from Mardi Gras last night, which made fun of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and pretty much all Democrat “free” government plans and ideas. I think they put Bernie Sanders at the helm.”

According to the tweeter who uploaded the footage, “The float was followed by the ‘Swinging Epsteins,’ which consisted of a bunch of convicted Jeffreys walking down the street with nooses around their necks.”

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