VIDEO: Male Witch Threatens to Curse Steven Crowder And His First Born Son


While in the process of filming in Austin, Texas, Steven Crowder was accosted by a “male witch” who threatened to curse him and his first born son

Steven Crowder is most well known for his “Change My Mind” series, in which he sits down with members of their public to have a long-form discussion on difficult and controversial topics, without the soundbites and clickbait of mass media.

Crowder was in the process of filming a new episode, asking Austin residents whether Black Lives Matter is a “domestic terrorist organisation,” when he and others were accosted by a “male witch” who started threatening people and him.

“You touch me, I’m gonna curse you bro,” the witch told Crowder. “I know witchcraft fool. I’m gonna punish you and your first born son if you touch me bro.”

“Well I don’t want that for my first born son, but you know, you have to do what you have to do,” Crowder replied, telling the man to simply “leave the women alone and go on your merry way.”

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“No I can do whatever the f*ck I want. This is America,” the witch argued, but Crowder pointed out that he couldn’t, as “that’s called assault, and then battery if you get physical.”

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“Leave the women alone, and the good thing is we’re going to be talking about rape culture, and unfortunately, a lot of folks like you do commit a lot of rape and sexual assault,” Crowder added.

The self-professed witch then claimed to be “doing the work of Jesus Christ,” which did not include “defending these sorry-ass females out here.”

“Did Jesus Christ call a lot of women ‘gold-digging cocksuckers’?,” Crowder asked him, to which he replied with a rather loud affirmative.

“You wanna read the Bible? I got my Bible with me. I’m not finished with these f*cking females man,” the witch said as he stormed off. “We gotta talk about this shit man. Black Lives Matter!”

The witch wasn’t the only disturbance that Steven Crowder and his team had to deal with. Antifa members came to the scene and attempted to shut it down, including one on a motorbike who revved the engine so nobody could hear what anybody else was saying.

Crowder and others shouted back to the man on the bike to “stop silencing black voices,” as people of all ethnicities were sitting down to have a civilised discussion.

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