VIDEO: Looter Yells 'I Can't Breathe' While Running Through Store and Trying to Detach Security Tags


Amidst widespread race riots and mass looting in downtown Chicago, Illinois following a police-involved shooting of an armed suspect, video footage has emerged of a female looter screaming “I can’t breathe” while running through a store searching for a device to remove security tags from Canada Goose merchandise.

The video, which was casually livestreamed to social media by the looter herself, shows the thief unsuccessfully trying to remove merchandise that is secured to a rack with security tags.

“They tried to pull it out but it ain’t comin’ out,” the looter explains to her 2,000 live viewers, rummaging through nearby drawers. “I don’t know where the f**kin’ keys at y’all, these b**ches not in here. They on the next floor though.”

The looter then starts jogging through the empty store floor, searching for signage that could lead her to the keys.

“I can’t breathe!” she screams at random, echoing a phrase often used during Black Lives Matter protests.

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“Lemme see, this is where [unintelligible] s**t,” the vandal says upon reaching the rear of the store. Upon finding it empty, she regroups with fellow looters back on the ground floor.

“What you got? Ay, how you get these Canada Gooses off? How you get these Canada Gooses off! They over there,” she queries, receiving no helpful responses.

The looter then begins rifling through another nearby drawer, exclaiming “How the f**k do you get that – there ain’t no scissors in this b**ch?”

Upon her latest efforts to secure a tag-removal device proving unsuccessful, the camerawoman begs fellow looters to remove the Canada Goose tags for her before the video cuts off.

The footage was later posted to Twitter and can be seen below.

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