'Rona Madness

VIDEO: Jogger Outruns Cop Reportedly During Coronavirus Lockdown


A jogger exercising on a beach outran a police officer trying to detain them for breaching the coronavirus lockdown, an act which drew applause and memes from social media commenters stuck in quarantine at home.

The current global pandemic has forced several countries into lockdown, grinding their economies to a screeching halt.

Many itchy, anxious people have attempted to experience freedom amid the tight restrictions, getting on with their lives as others remain cooped up.

Some have gone swimming in pools or the sea, others have staged parties, attempted to reach their houses of worship, but this man, who appears to have evaded capture, went for a jog on the beach until he clocked the approaching officer.

As the officer drew near, the man ran a little faster before stepping on the accelerator, hitting the afterburners, and majestically leaving the officer to bite the dust.

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Several tweeters joked about the jogger, drawing comparisons to movies such as Forrest Gump in the comments.

“Social distancing includes keeping distance from authorities,” commented one tweeter.

Another said: “Let that man finish his workout in peace.”

With others turning the lockdown breach into a political philosophical discussion. One remarked: “I’m torn. Libertarian me loves it and think it’s ridiculous that we’re stopping folks from social distancing in nature. At the same time if we allow a few people on the beach it could turn into 1000s & truly cause the spread of SARS-2 making us destroy the global economy 4 nothing.”

The video first appeared on Italian Twitter, with social media users suggesting the epic chase might have taken place in Pescara–an important port city on the East coast of Italy on the Adriatic Sea.

However, these reports cannot be confirmed at this present time.

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