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VIDEO: Jen Psaki Desperately Fends Off 'Aggressive' Fly During Press Conference


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to fend off what she described as an “aggressive bug” on multiple occasions during a press conference today.

While it is currently unclear why flies frequently make appearances alongside US government officials and politicians on live television, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki can’t seem to make it stop happening to her. Today at a press conference, Psaki was once again interrupted by the pesky insect on multiple occasions.

As was reported by the Gateway Pundit, one reporter confronted Psaki about Joe Biden’s “shallow and scripted” meeting with Jinnah McCollum, the pregnant widow of Rylee McCollum, a fallen US Marine whose devastated mother blamed Democrat voters for her son’s death and called Biden a “feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap.” (READ MORE: Mother Of Fallen US Marine Rylee McCollum To Biden Voters, Democrats: ‘You Just Killed My Son’) As Psaki attempted to provide what ended up being a bumbling fruitless response, the fly struck – forcing her to swat it away.

The fly made a second appearance a few minutes later. This time, Psaki paused and made a remark about the insect after it buzzed by her face. “Woah,” said Psaki. “We clearly need to – sorry. That was an aggressive bug.”

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National File documented a previous encounter between Psaki and the Musca domestica back in June following another press conference at the White House. During the press conference, Psaki was told by a reporter that a fly was resting on top of her head. Upon hearing the news, Psaki frantically swatted the insect and said “at least it’s not a cicada.”

Flies are generally known to feed off the dead cells and rotting flesh of animals and humans. Additionally, historians have pointed out that in the Biblical plague of Egypt, flies represented death and decay. The Philistine God Beelzebub, whose name is often equated with Satan, means “Lord of the Flies.”

In one prior instance, Psaki left people scratching their heads in curiosity when she bizarrely stuck her tongue out while a reporter was asking her a question in July.


Strange insect encounters aside, Psaki dismissed the deaths of 13 men and women in uniform who died last week in a terrorist attack amid the Biden regime’s botched withdrawal from Kabul and claimed the deaths should not “take the place of all of the progress” the Biden regime has achieved in other areas of policy, as National File reported

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Asked if Biden still had no regrets about the regime’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, Psaki stated, “Well, first I would say that the men and women who gave their lives, and the President, as you noted attended yesterday, to honor their service, honor their sacrifice and had time, uh, had the opportunity to meet a number of the family members yesterday. Uh, we can’t, that doesn’t take the place of, of all of the progress, of all of the work that has been done to evacuate people.”

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