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VIDEO: Italian Legislator Calls For Prime Minster to Seek Bill Gates' Immediate Arrest


Speaking before Italy’s parliament, Deputy Sara Cunial blasted Bill Gates’ push for global vaccinations, and called for Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte to seek Gates’ arrest.

Cunial, a skeptic of vaccines and a sharp critic of the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, blasted Gates in a speech on Thursday, calling for the Italian prime minister to seek his arrest.

The legislator began by saying that many more will die “under the law for misery and poverty” due to the response to the virus, and added that “1.6 billion people are at risk” for starvation due to the virus according to the United Nations.

“All to indulge the appetites of financial capitalism whose engine is the conflict of interest well represented by the [World Health Organization], whose first donor is the philanthropist and savior of the world Bill Gates,” Cunial said.

Cunial added, “In 2018 he prophesied a pandemic, then simulated last October in Event 201 in agreement with Davos friends, and has been prodigal for decades in developing plans for depopulation and dictatorial control over global politics, aiming to achieve Primacy over agriculture, technology, energy.”

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Claiming to quote Gates, she added that he once said, “‘If we do a good job with new vaccines, health and reproductive health, we can decrease the world population by 10-15 %,’ and ‘only one genocide can save the world.'”

At one point other legislators began to interrupt Cunial, prompting President of the Chamber Roberto Fico to call for silence, and note that legislators are able to express their opinion when they have the floor.

Cunial went on to discuss the relationships between Gates, large political interest groups in Europe and Italy, and the Italian government, before calling on the Italian president to call for his arrest.

“Advice to our [Prime Minsiter] Conte,” said Cunial. “Next time he receives a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates, send it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity to the AIA.”

“Otherwise tell us how we should define the lawyer friend who takes orders from a criminal.”

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