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VIDEO: Eyewitness Says Lee Keltner's Killer 'Huddled' With News Producer, BLM Agitator Before Shooting


An eyewitness to Saturday’s slaying of Denver man Lee Keltner by an anti-Trump activist and unlicensed security guard told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday that the killer was “huddled up” with a 9News producer and a violent agitator wearing a “Black Guns Matter” shirt moments before he shot Keltner in the face.

Military veteran John Tiegen appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to share his eyewitness account of the shooting, which was carried out by an unlicensed security guard named Matthew Dolloff. Dollofff was allegedly hired to protect a producer of local left-wing media outlet 9News.

Dolloff, who in custody for investigation of first-degree murder, was open about his extreme left-wing views on social media and bragged about harassing Trump supporters in person.

Tiegen told Carlson that a local BLM agitator started harassing the pro-police demonstrators, calling black people in the group racial slurs, and begging to be maced in an attempt to incite violence.

As the demonstration was getting ready to wrap up, Tiegen told Carlson that “the producer, the murderer, and the aggressor were all huddled in the corner having a nice little conversation.”

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Carlson asked for clarification, and Teigen reiterated that “they were huddled just before we started exiting.” According to Teigen, the BLM agitator then continued to harass demonstrators and make violent threats, as Dolloff and the 9News producer looked on.

“Everywhere this agitator went, they went,” the eyewitness said, referring to Dolloff and the 9News producer.

A fundraiser for the family of the slain pro-police demonstrator and military veteran Lee Keltner is currently active on GoFundMe, and has raised some $22,000 in donations

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