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VIDEO: EMTs Blasted For Inappropriate Funeral Meme TikTok Video


A viral video showing ambulance workers emulating the popular Ghanaian pallbearers meme was found to have breached internal social media policies after racking up thousands of views on social media.

The North West Ambulance Service released a statement concerning the video which was found to have breached their social media policy.

In the video, the paramedics are seen imitating the popular pallbearers who have seen a recrudescence in their popularity as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis.

Many hospital workers have come under fire for viral TikTok videos that have been deemed to be inappropriate by social media users, who feel that they have been inundated by videos of this nature.

Some lewd images have also surfaced on social media, drawing a mixed response from viewers.

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In the video mimicking the pallbearers titled, “Caution. Morale boost imminent £COVID19 £coffindance £nhs,” a man begins by coughing before alert paramedics grab their PPE to attend the mock patient, according to Liverpool Echo.

Then, the music begins with the ambulance workers wearing sunglasses as they begin their choreography with a CPR dummy on a stretcher.

Some took to Twitter to blast the video, claiming that despite its intention to boost morale, the dance felt inappropriate as millions all over the world have had their lives dampened by the coronavirus.

According to The Daily Mail, one man on Twitter said: “@NWAmbulance huge supporter of yourselves & the £NHS. I think you are all absolute legends.

“But to stumble across this video, mocking people with £COVID19, calling it the coffin dance & stating this is ‘morale’.

“Personally I don’t see families being ripped apart as morale.”

Another similar video on TikTok was blasted as a symbolic corpse with the phrase “Covid-19” written on a makeshift body bag was used in a similar dance routine, copying the popular West African funeral meme.

The video received a familiar disapproval from social media as many netizens have become overwhelmed by the sheer number of bold TikTok videos circulating the internet.

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