VIDEO: Drag Queen in Miniskirt Makes Young Girl Appear Uncomfortable While Adults Cheer


A Tiktok video showing a drag queen in a miniskirt doing a strange performance in front of a young girl, leaving her visibly uncomfortable, while parents bashfully cheer on in the background, has done the rounds on social media.

The bizarre video, originally aired on TikTok, shows the young girl sitting on a chair facing a drag queen crawling towards her before breaking into a dance.

Meanwhile, a woman leads the cheer for the performance, while men sat on the table behind the young girl applaud.

Throughout the short clip, the young girl appears to be confused and uncomfortable, with her foot shaking for the duration.

In the tweet introducing the video, the caption reads, “The little girl’s foot is shaking as the drag queen starts to embrace her…”

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Daily Caller writer, Mary Margaret Olohan, said, “Canadian drag queen Tynomi Banks’ publicist confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that Banks is indeed the drag queen in the video.”

“Because I am a dancer, I love to show off my physique,” Banks said in 2018. “My legs are amazing!””

The tweet polarized debate online.

Some found the normalization of the activity beyond the pale, while others saw no issue in the performance.

One social media user said, “Seriously, why wasn’t there one guy there that stepped and stopped this?

“You don’t have to have a literal shield and mace, but if I had seen this take place I would have been disappointed that I didn’t have one when I jumped in.”

“Protect our children, restore the nation.”

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A defender of the drag performance said, “She’s tapping her foot to the music. Find real problems.”


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