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VIDEO: Crowd Gasps At PA Hearing After Learning Of 600K Vote Dump For Biden, Just 3K For Trump


Video footage from Wednesday’s Pennsylvania State Legislature Hearing on Election Irregularities shows the crowd reacting in audible shock after learning about the bizarre reported spike of over half a million votes for Democrat Joe Biden, compared to barely a few thousand for President Donald Trump, that led to the pro-Biden media calling Pennsylvania for the former Vice President.

“Normally you would expect to see a smooth curve going up,” a witness told Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani. “Not any big spikes… so that big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting.”

“And when you look at this entire curve, with all these spikes, can you you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for for Biden, and how much for Trump?” Giuliani asked.

“Close to 600,000, I think our figures were like 570 some odd thousand that all those spikes represented over time,” the witness stated.

Giuliani interjected, “For Biden?” and upon receiving the affirmative response “Correct” asked, “And how much for Trump?”

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“I think it was lower, 3,200,” came the reply.

The room went completely silent for a second before people burst into nervous laughter and groans of surprise at the news.

“How about that?” someone exclaimed in the background.

President Donald Trump went on to make a surprise appearance at the hearing via telephone, as reported by National File:

Once he was introduced, President Trump received applause and said “This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot.” He added, “Very sad to say it, this election was rigged and we can’t let that happen. We can’t let it happen for our country, we have to turn it around. We won Pennsylvania by a lot, and we won all of these swing states by a lot.”

“It’s a disgrace that this is happening to our country, we won this election by a lot, we won 74 million votes,” said President Trump. “If you’d said 74 million votes the day before the election, every single professional would have said there’s no way.”

“Don’t be intimidated by these people,” said the President. “They’re bad people, and they’re horrible people, and they don’t care about our country.”

A judge in Pennsylvania moved to halt election certification in the state amidst the latest evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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