VIDEO: Bubba Wallace Booed When Introduced at NASCAR Race, Cheered When He Crashed


Bubba Wallace, who gained notoriety following an FBI investigation determining an alleged noose left in his garage as a hate crime that was, in fact, a garage door pulley, was booed by NASCAR fans at his latest race, until the racer crashed his vehicle, at which time cheers erupted.

Wallace was competing in Wednesday’s All-Star Open at Bristol Speedway where he was booed as he was introduced. The crowd later cheered when the infamous driver crashed on the 17th lap of the event.

In video from the race, the crowd immediately booed Wallace with growing volume even before the announcer began to say his vehicle or name.

Associated Press Sports Reporter Jenna Fryer tweeted about several Confederate Flags flying at the event, before going onto report how “Bubba Wallace was also booed when he was introduced, and many cheered when he crashed. NASCAR still has a lot of work to do to back up its position. The group Justice 4 Diversity held signs along Speedway Blvd. after the race.”

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Wallace previously led the successful push for confederate flags to be banned by NASCAR following the death by George Floyd.

The driver was not pleased with his crash, claiming that the contact from the other driver was intentional. Speaking with Fox Sports after the race, he said, “Just disrespect. When you get hooked into the wall, I don’t even need to see a replay.”

Wallace added, “People say he’s one of the nicest guys in the garage. I can’t wait for the God-fearing text that he is going to send me about preaching and praise and respect. What a joke he is.”

Following the crash, ESPN reported that Wallace gave two thumbs up to a section of the crowd who was cheering for him.

Wallace reportedly missed out on competing for a $1 million prize due to the “egregious” crash as NASCAR reported he was winning the fan’s vote–granting him a spot to compete at the All Stars race.

Following Wallace’s initial rise to prominence over the supposed noose, National File recently reported that Wallace again doubled down on the noose story during an appearance on CNN, despite the FBI and NASCAR both coming to the conclusion that their was no noose left in Wallace’s garage with malicious intent.

Wallace appeared on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and doubled down on his claim that a noose was left in his garage at the Talladega Superspeedway, claiming that he was victim to a racially motivated crime.

“I’ve been racing all my life, we’ve raced out of hundreds of garages that never had never had garage pulls like that,” said Wallace. “From the evidence that we have, that I have, it’s a straight up noose.”

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Wallace went on to claim that “The FBI stated that it was a noose over and over again,” and claimed that NASCAR backed up this claim.

In reality, NASCAR released a statement, quoting the FBI, saying that the “garage door pull rope was fashioned like a noose,” and there was no actual noose in the garage.

“I can confirm that I actually got evidence of what was hanging in my garage, over my car, around my pit crew guys, to confirm that it was a noose,” Wallace went on despite this information. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Wallace finished Wednesday’s race in 21st place.

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