VIDEO: Biden Mumbles 'What Am I Doing' While Shaking Hands With Crowd, Child Quickly Withdraws Hand


Video footage from Democrat President Joe Biden’s trip to Michigan shows the POTUS mumbling “What am I doing” after shaking hands with a child, who quickly withdraws his hand and looks away, straight down at the ground. The President’s strange interactions with the general public and children in particular have become a staple of his administration in just a short six months.

In the clip, Biden’s mumbling is mostly unintelligible but he can be clearly heard asking aloud, “What am I doing?” during a meet and greet at a cherry farm. It is unclear whether any members of the audience or the Secret Service took it upon themselves to answer and remind the President of what he was doing there.

The incident was not addressed by the corporate media or by White House officials.

In another recent gaffe, Biden told a gathering of U.S. troops “I keep forgetting I’m President,” and said he was a poor public speaker in his youth:

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President Joe Biden told U.S. troops gathered at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, U.K. on Wednesday that he keeps forgetting that he is the President of the United States after remembering that he was supposed to tell the crowd to stand at ease. Biden went on to admit that he had a stuttering problem and struggled with public speaking during adolescence.

“Thank you, and Sydney, you’re fourteen years old,” Biden said. “When I was fourteen, if you -” he then held up his hands, realizing that the entire audience was still standing at attention. “I keep forgetting I’m President,” Biden said.

“When I was fourteen years old, I would have been, I mean this sincerely, scared to death to stand up in front of a microphone with a large crowd or a small one,” Biden said. “See when I was a child I used to stutter badly, for real. I had great difficulty speaking in front of other people.”

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