VIDEO: Biden Bus Escort Appears To Try Ramming Trump Truck, Gets Pushed Back Into Own lane


On Friday, a convoy of Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus traveling to an event in Texas and proceeded to form a convoy around it in an attempt to force it out of the area. In response, one of the vehicles that seemed to be following behind the Biden bus appeared to invade the lane of a black truck containing Trump 2020 flags and ram it, only to then be pushed back into its own lane by the obviously superior physicality of the truck.

Video first began circulating on Twitter before being picked up by local media, who identified one user as “historian Eric Cervini, who said he traveled to Texas to help the Biden-Harris campaign.” Cervini claimed the Trump supporters were waiting on I-35 to “ambush” the Biden bus when it approached.

The next day, Cervini uploaded a second video from a different angle that he claims shows a black truck ramming a white SUV. In reality, the white SUV is seen invading the black truck’s lane in the video, prompting the black truck to turn into the SUV.

At 14 seconds into the clip, the white vehicle can be seen clearly entering the truck’s lane. The bus seems to have been changing from the middle lane to the right lane in response to another vehicle in front of him driving slowly, which then caused the white SUV trailing the bus to attempt to make the same turn to follow the bus, which required the vehicle to enter the lane occupied by the black truck. In response, the truck turned into the incoming vehicle. It is unclear which vehicle was struck first.

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A second video appears to show the SUV to leave the lane, which then allowed the black truck to drive forward. The white SUV then drove back into the lane it left, hitting the black truck.

Research indicates that lane changes are responsible for 4% of all accidents in the United States, and distracted driving and driving while using cell phones were both blamed.

While some tried to paint the event as violent and fascistic, bystanders uploaded video to Twitter in apparent approval of the stunt by Trump supporters.

“This is the most badass thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” wrote one user. “Go Texas.”

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This article was updated with a second angle of the collision.

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