VIDEO: Ballot Harvester Connected To Ilhan Omar Caught Exchanging $200 for Vote


In a follow up to the ballot harvesting expose video released yesterday by Project Veritas, another release includes video of a $200 exchange for General Election Ballot.

Footage obtained by a Project Veritas [PV] insider shows a cash exchange between a ballot harvester and a Somali-American. It is explained how they are to fill out the information on the forms, and where to bring the ballot once it arrives.

Then, the ballot harvester hands over $200 which he refers to as ‘pocket change’

According to James O’Keefe, founder of PV, “many members of the Somali community here consider it an open secret. Many believe that if this corruption continues there’ll be no more free elections, and our sources inside the Somali community here allege that the architect of this pay for vote scheme is non other than U.S. Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar.”

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Ballot harvesters connected to Omar are alleged to have spent thousands of dollars in cash bribes for the purposes of a campaign to collect votes in MN. These harvesters show you what paperwork to fill out an how, often tracking the ballot and collecting upon delivery.

According to the former political worker insider with PV “they (Omar’s affiliates) have spend over $250,00 on this election” in cash.

When ballot harvesters aren’t coming to your front door, they walk with you to the booth and vote for you even if you speak English. When you complete your ballot, you are paid.

“She’s (Omar) the one who came up with all this, the community, She’s the one somehow. Nobody knew, but yeah this is something new with Ilhan Omar.

The methods of ballot harvesting are illegal on both state and federal levels and can cost the offender $10,000 or several years incarceration.

“So, how did the get away with it at the voting center,” asks the PV journalist. “Why? Why does nobody complain at the voting center that you’re letting these people do this?”

According to the undercover footage, the answer is “they just lets it go.”

People are making enough money from this scheme that they are willing to commit the crime, however they acknowledge that once people start getting arrested and charged it’s all over for their operation.

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