VIDEO: Attorney Lin Wood SLAMS DOJ, FBI At Georgia 'Stop The Steal' Rally


In a fiery speech at a “Stop the Steal” rally on December 2nd in Atlanta, Attorney Lin Wood demanded that Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray “do their job” by taking action to investigate the evidence of widespread voter fraud that allegedly took place during the November election.

“All the power, not some of the power, all of the power belongs to the people. This is our country. We tell the government what they can and can’t do. This is our country. We are going to take it back,” said Wood. “We are circling the walls of Jericho and God Almighty is going to tear the walls down, and we are going to take America back again. You watch it happen.”

“You work for us Attorney General Barr, do your job. You tell the Director of the FBI, ‘do your damn job. You work for us. Investigate this fraud’ and tell the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, ‘Get out of our country. You don’t spy on Americans. You’re not ever going to do it again in America,” said Wood.

As Georgia faces a runoff election to determine who will hold 2 seats in the United States Senate, Wood is clear that he believes that Americans should refuse to vote until the people are given an election “that’s fair, that’s honest, where nobody can cheat us again.”

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“I’ve voted Democrat. I’ve voted Republican. I try to vote, sometimes, for the lesser of the two evils. That’s what happened when I voted for Brian Kemp over Stacey Abrams. He’ll never get my vote again,” said Wood. He added that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is “not doing the people’s will.”

“We are not going to be taken over by the Chinese. If you take the China money, go to China. Don’t stuff your pockets with Chinese money when we buy Dominion, or you buy the COVID equipment from the people that sent the virus over here. You don’t buy bullets from the enemy. Tell that to Brian Kemp, because that’s what he did,” said Wood.

After describing a recent phone call he says he had with President Donald Trump, Wood said “Don’t you ever concede, Mr. President. You won this election. America voted for you. Stay in the White House.”

In a heartfelt story about his life as a 16 year old, he talked about his mother’s death, and how his father went to prison.

“I didn’t have one thin dime in my pocket, but I took the talent that God gave me, and I had the fighting spirit to make it. But in any other country in the world, I would not have made it. I made it because I was born in America, and America gave me the opportunity to succeed in my life, and that’s why I love America, and that’s why I’m going to fight for America, and that’s why you’re going to fight for America.”

“We are going to take our country back again. It’s 1776. God bless you and God bless America,” said Wood.

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