VIDEO: Assad Speech Bashing Liberals May Explain Deep State Effort To Depose Him


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad lambasted “neoliberals” for their stances on religion, transgenderism, marijuana legalization and homosexual marriage in a recent speech delivered to the Syrian religious figures.

“Neoliberalism is based on promoting a total moral degeneracy and separating individuals from any principles or values and affiliations and beliefs to reach this moral degeneracy,” President Assad declared to a crowd that appeared to largely consist of various clerics.

He went on to criticize the Western policy of encouraging homosexual marriage and adoption.

“Neoliberalism promoted gay marriage,” he stated. “They started in the 1970s and now gay marriage is legal, and now they have children, but it’s different from adopting, because how can they have children?”

He then slammed the Western approach to religion, which undermines faith-based parenting.

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“Neoliberalism promoted that a child does not choose his own religion and this is against the child’s freedom of expression,” he added.

“A child is born without any religion and later chooses his own religion when he’s a grown-up – this is against human nature. Ever since humans made their own idols and Gods, a child would instinctively belong to his family’s religion. They contradict humanity itself.”

Assad then went on to criticize ongoing trends towards the legalization of marijuana, which has become normalized and socially acceptable in modern American culture.

“It has been recently promoted that marijuana is not harmful and now it’s sold in shops legally. They start claiming that drugs are not harmful, and later they will find something more harmful. Now in some places you can buy marijuana-flavored bread!”

Marijuana-infused bread is growing in popularity in the United States, with the intent of adding a THC buzz to an otherwise simple meal as Americans’ dependency on the drug continues to grow.

Assad finally mocked the rise of child transgenderism in America, as puberty blocker hormones are increasingly being dispensed to children based on their personal feelings at the time, or worse still, a parent’s decision to deem their child transgender.

“It now claims that a child is born and does not have a gender – the child chooses later to be a male or a female,” Assad said. “Very strange indeed!”

Assad concluded that the neoliberal agenda was against faith and humanity.

“Neoliberalism targets our humanity, and by doing so, it collides with religions because religions serve humanity, while neoliberals separate individuals from their values,” he concluded.

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Deep state elements in the United States have long fomented a regime change agenda against Assad’s  government in Syria. Despite Assad’s landslide victory in the 2014 presidential election over political opposition leader Hassan al-Nouri, they have accused him of lacking democratic legitimacy and not respecting the human rights of radical Islamic terrorists, Kurdish communists and liberals.

From 2011 to 2019, Assad waged a lengthy counterinsurgency operation against radical Islamic terrorist groups and liberal Western-funded NGOs aiming to overthrow his government. Although the war has now largely subsided, the deep state elements advocating for his ouster are likely to step up their efforts to undermine his government should Joe Biden take office in 2021.

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