VIDEO: Army Veteran Says Woke Generals 'Were More Concerned With Fighting Tucker Carlson' Than Fighting The Taliban


U.S. Army veteran and U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania Sean Parnell slammed military generals who promoted critical race theory and sparred with Fox host Tucker Carlson instead of focusing on winning the war in Afghanistan on Sunday, stating “It seems like our generals were more concerned with fighting Tucker Carlson than they were the Taliban.”

“For the last seven months, I’ve watched generals engage in Twitter fights with people, debate the merits of critical race theory on Capitol Hill,” Parnell stated. “It seems like our generals were more concerned with fighting Tucker Carlson than they were the Taliban and we are seeing the tragic and disastrous consequences of that play out on the battlefield right now.”

Speaking about the difference in foreign policy from the previous administration, Parnell said, “But Trump’s plan was very different from what Joe Biden is doing. Trump has a phased withdrawal that was supposed to be based on conditions on the ground in order to move onto a next phase. Trump was engaged with regional leaders in the area. Joe Biden has been president for seven months and he still hasn’t had a conversation with the prime minister of Pakistan.”

“I think this is the most egregious thing,” Parnell added, “Joe Biden pushed our withdrawal date back to September 11th for strictly political reasons, and why did that matter? Because it gave the Taliban the time and the space to consolidate and reorganize and plan an attack on Kabul.”

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As National File previously reported, Trump told pro-BLM, “white rage”-espousing general Mark Milley “you’re all f**ked up” after Milley refused to use the military to protect American cities from racial insurrectionists:

“How do you think this looks to hostile countries?” Trump queried according to the book, referencing the violent riots, looting, and destruction.”They see we can’t even control our own capital city and the space around the White House!” Trump drew comparisons to the race riots of the 1960s according to the book, but Milley And Esper pushed back, with Milley allegedly gaslighting the President by telling him “Mr. President, it doesn’t compare anywhere to the summer of sixty-eight. It’s not even close.”

“You’re all f**ked up,” Trump then said, according to the book. “Every one of you is f**ked up.” Trump then looked directly at Vice President Mike Pence according to the book, and stated, “Including you!”

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