VIDEO: Antifa Militant Stops Elderly Lady from Extinguishing Fire in Chaotic Portland Riot


A viral video on social media appears to show an Antifa rioter preventing an elderly woman from extinguishing a fire set next to Portland’s East Precinct as protests continue to form, almost always devolving into riots, in the Democrat city.

After yet another night of violence in the Oregon city, two separate portions of footage have emerged from last night’s disturbances involving elderly women attempting to prevent further property damage, as pro-Black Lives Matter protesters took to Portland’s East Precinct.

Several clips have circulated the internet showing radical left wing activists in the process of destroying the police station.

In one particular clip, an elderly woman using a walker, carrying a Black Lives Matter placard, attempted to extinguish a fire set in an oil drum next to the East Precinct’s wooden barricade. The elderly lady is blocked by the defiant Antifa militant to put out the flames.

Journalist Andy Ngo, on the incident, tweeted “Antifa militant stops an elderly woman from putting out a fire they started at the Portland Police east precinct.”

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Another clip showing the same elderly lady, she appears with her walker and Black Lives Matter placard attempting to dissuade another black-clad activist from kicking down a wooden barricade protecting the Portland East Precinct.

The elderly lady was, however, relatively lucky to remain unscathed as another elderly lady was doused in paint, reportedly assaulted, cussed out, and heckled by unruly protesters in other series of footage to emerge from Portland.

Portland Police tweeted about the two incidents, writing: “This unknown woman using a walker was confronted by the group currently outside East Precinct and paint was strewn all over her.

“There was a separate unknown woman using a walker outside of East Precinct who attempted to extinguish a fire set by the group. The woman depicted in this photo was not using a walker.”

The clips show the elderly woman, after she was doused in white paint, be strewn in police tape, with one particularly aggressive protester square up to her.

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The violence in Portland has ravaged on for over two months since the in-custody death of suspected fraudster George Floyd.

President Donald Trump has roundly condemned the unabated violence in the Oregon city which has developed a reputation for far-left activism over the years.

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