VIDEO: Antifa Chants 'Hit a Cop With a Baseball Bat' During Violent Frederick, Maryland Demonstrations


A group of AntiFa radicals led threatening chants of “hit a cop with a baseball bat,” during violent demonstrations in Frederick, Maryland; the latest instance of extreme left-wing activity in a community once known for the conservative streak that set it apart from other regions of the state.

“From the Nile to the Platte, hit a cop with a baseball bat!”, the group, which reportedly goes by the name “Frederick Socialists,” chanted through bullhorns during the “free the people, fight the power, fuck the police march” down a residential street in one of several short clips posted online by march attendees.

According to organizers, the group’s demands included the “firing” of Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (an elected Republican and frequent target of the radical left), the ending of the county’s cooperation with ICE as part of the 287(g) immigration enforcement program, and for local officials to “reallocate funds into the community.”

During the march that appeared to span several neighborhoods, attendees burnt flags and attacked a motorist with a pro-police bumper sticker, setting upon the vehicle before posting identifying information online with instructions for fellow leftists to “do with this as you must.” The post was part of a larger Twitter thread from a self-proclaimed AntiFa radical who documented the march attended by an estimated group of 30 individuals. According to police, buildings, homes, and public property were vandalized.

"From the Nile to the Platte, hit a cop with a baseball bat!" — Antifa/Black Lives Matter protestors in Maryland publicly threaten violence against cops, harass a driver with pro-police sticker on his car from InsaneProtestors

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The march is just the latest of several to hit the once-conservative community since extreme left-wing activity began picking up nationwide last summer.

Over recent years, Frederick County has undergone a major political realignment to the left amidst a rapid demographic shift in the county’s population credited to explosive population growth and largely fueled by both legal and illegal immigration.

2020 marked the first time since 1964 that the county supported a Democrat for President, and Democrats now occupy a majority of seats on the county’s governing council.

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