VIDEO: Anti-Cop Protester Hyperventilates, Has 'Panic Attack' When Arrested


Amid wide scale protests and rioting across dozens cdcdsm,  q1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq of major U.S. cities, several diverse images have emerged on social media depicting different scenes. Here, a young college student breaks down as she is arrested during a George Floyd protest in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the video, the young woman is calmly arrested by the police officer as she breaks down, hyperventilating and appearing to suffer from a panic attack as protesters in the background monotonously chant slogans.

Posting to Twitter, the disconsolate student wrote: “[I] was arrested for peacefully protesting for the BLM movement in [Cincinnati]. Cops forced me to stand (while hyperventilating and actively passing out) and then laughed at me while O was having a panic attack.

“They withheld my sisters meds and mocked her intelligence while she begged police to let her have medicine bag. She had to beg to check her blood sugar and ask for help while she was dropping.

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“She reached over to hold me while I lost consciousness and police pulled each away and held me up by the shoulders. They forced me to walk [holding] me up by elbows and dragged me to bus, claiming there would be a medic at the place of processing.”

She continued, recalled her ordeal: “I was cuffed with tight zip ties for 3 hours on a bus before i was processed in a underground tunnel with the hundreds of other people rounded up. there was no medic.

“I was one of the last to be processed. They processed my sister and friend way before me, and sent them out into the city, they weren’t allowed to wait with me. We weren’t able to use our phones while waiting, we didn’t receive a phone call. My sister wasn’t able to reach out to my mom until after my friend got processed.”

The student went onto write: “She was a young 18 year old and was kicked out into the streets with no phone battery. She was offered crack while waiting for me or my sister to come out. None of us knew where the others were. My zip-ties were tied so tight my hands were white.”

“I have bruises around my wrists. Cincinnati police arrested as many protesters we didn’t leave the city until 2 AM. Cincinnati police wrongfully arrested so many innocent people for their own gain. no peace until justice is served,” she added.

Many commenters did not extend sympathy for the panic-stricken detainee, with many advising her not to protest if she could not cogently face any consequences.

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