VIDEO: Ahmaud Arbery Arrested for Stealing TV From Walmart in 2017


Body camera footage from the arresting officer in Ahmaud Arbery’s 2017 arrest for shoplifting a 65″ TV from a Georgia Walmart has emerged.

In the incident which took place on December 1, 2017, Arbery and three friends attempted to push the Vizio TV out of the store.

When they were intercepted by the store workers, they were unable to produce a receipt for the TV. Police were called as the four boys loitered in the parking lot.

The arresting officer orders the four boys including Arbery to sit down on the ground after asking their ages and whether they carried any identification.

In the footage, Arbery tells the arresting officer that he was twenty years old, when he was actually twenty-three; and the other boys told the police officer that they were fifteen and seventeen.

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Following the order from the cop to “take a seat” on the ground, Arbery questions the request saying that he didn’t “know nothing about no TV.”

The others protest lightly, with mildly expletive remarks.

When questioned about the stolen TV from the Walmart, he continues to deny any knowledge of the television allegedly shoplifted from the franchise.

A supporting officer later appears alongside an older civilian who points out the culprits to the filming arresting officer.

The older civilian tells the arresting officer that they were also robbing bikes from the adjoining patio.

A resistant Arbery was arrested for shoplifting–an offense which contravened his pre-existing probation for taking a loaded firearm to a high school basketball game.

The other three were released but warned to never come back to the store.

The result of the arrest was unclear, according to The New York Post.

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