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VIDEO: 101 Year-Old-Woman Says She's Riding Motorcycle To Vote Trump In Person On November 3


Mary Jane Jacoby, a 101-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump, will not let the COVID-19 pandemic or its restrictions keep her from voting in person, as the centenarian has arranged to ride in a motorcycle sidecar to cast her ballot for the president in person on November 3.

“Trump, I love you, and I think you’re doing one heck of a job,” Jacoby began in a video posted to Twitter. Jacoby was then asked by the person holding the camera who she intended to vote for, and how she intended to cast her vote.

“How am I going to vote,” asked Jacoby. “What do you mean how?” The interviewer then explained that some people are mailing in ballots rather than voting in person, which led to a quick negative from the centenarian.

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“Oh no, I’m going to go in a motorcycle, and I’m gonna have a good time,” said Jacoby. “I’m gonna say, ‘Hi girls, here I am, get me in that vote, that booth,’ and I’m gonna do my thing.”

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While Democrats appear to lead nationally in mail-in voting, as early voting begins across the country, Republicans are taking an early lead. Democrats in Miami, Florida recently began panicking over the high Republican turnout, with major analysts taking to Twitter to voice their concerns for the Democrat Party’s chances in the Sunshine State.

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National File has also exposed a series of potential fraudulent activities in Harris County, Texas, where Democrats are accused in court documents of engaging in rampant fraud.

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