TWEETS: Liberals Are VERY UPSET Biden Does Not Support The Green New Deal


Despite his website explicitly claiming that the Green New Deal serves as a framework for climate change legislation, and Green New Deal author Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) being on his campaign to consult on energy matters, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden tonight claimed that he does not support the Green New Deal in a stunning revelation that triggered liberals on

After prodding from President Donald Trump, Biden explicitly disavowed the Green New Deal numerous times. After this, Biden went on to explain that “The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward,” prompting perpetually confused debate moderator and Fox News host Chris Wallace to ask Biden to clarify his stance on the climate change legislation.

“Do you support the Green New Deal,” asked Wallace, seconds after Biden seemingly endorsed it. Biden shot back, “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.”

This apparent real-time flip flop left Democrats very upset, as some believed Biden would serve as a climate change champion that would help extend the earth’s life past the 12 years Ocasio-Cortez claims humanity has left.

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Ryan Knight, who runs the @ProudSocialist Twitter account, said the “debate exposed the DNC’s failed election strategy of taking progressive voters for granted,” and claimed “Trump solidified his base tonight while Biden was busy saying he doesn’t support Medicare for All or a Green New Deal.”

Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins noted that “Biden makes clear he does not support the Green New Deal” and, thus, “The fossil fuel companies will continue to have a friend in the White House.”

Kimberly Strassel, a Wall Street Journal reporter and author of the book Resistance: At All Costs, claims that Biden lost the debate because “Biden didn’t help himself with [the] base.”

“He was forced several times to distance himself from policies that are baseline progressive demands– Medicare for All, defund police, Green New Deal. Never forget the D party is seriously divided.”

Her concern was shared by other users who worry Biden may have damaged his votes with the progressive Democratic base cultivated by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the 2016 and 2020 Democrat presidential primaries.

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Some users equated a vote for either President Trump or Biden to a near-certain death sentence.

“So we are either going to be killed by Trump rallying white supremacists,” wrote the owner of the @SocialistMMA Twitter account, “or by the climate crisis because Joe Biden doesn’t take it seriously by refusing to support a Green New Deal.”

“Either way we are f**ked,” the user added. “Take drugs and have a ton of sex while you can.”

Some users, citing their near-certain death at the hands of white supremacist lynch mobs starting on January 21, 2021, lambasted Democrats who focus on the Green New Deal when circumstances are so dire.

“Boo f***king hoo on the Green New Deal,” wrote one angry user. “F**k your Bernie Sanders racist sh*t. My life is at stake with white supremacist [sic] and all these white faux-liberal Bernie sh*ts care about is a green new deal when THEY DONT [sic] F***KING VOTE.”

Others, who believe even the Green New Deal is not enough to save civilization from the vague yet ever-present threat of climate change, appear to have totally lost hope following the revelation.

Some users were simply frustrated at Biden’s apparent flip flop on major issues from time of the highly partisan and radically far left primary debates and the first general election debate.

“You either support the green new deal, or you don’t. We cannot have these major issues both ways, but apparently if you are Joe Biden you can?”

Still, at least one user openly acknowledged that Biden is a terrible candidate who will do virtually nothing to enact a progressive legislative agenda if elected president, but they still intend to vote for him, simply because he is not President Trump.

“Republicans be like ‘BIDEN LIED HE SUPPORTS THE GREEN NEW DEAL ON HIS WEBSITE,'” wrote Cory Buckley.

“We know he lied. He doesn’t support the Green New Deal. He only says he does on his website to get progressive votes. He also doesn’t support M4A but we still voting for him over Trump.”

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