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UK: Anti COVID Lockdown Protests Unite Disparate Political Groups in Face of Police Violence


Huge crowds gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square on the weekend to protest against the COVID lockdowns, with police attacking peaceful protestors.

The crowds filled Trafalgar Square, with people from all different political backgrounds, all united protesting against the UK’s current COVID lockdown. At the time of writing, pubs and restaurants have to close at 10PM in England, and social gatherings are restricted to six people, both indoors and outdoors.

One protest attendee, whose identity and presence at the protest were verified by National File, wrote for Viribus News how surprised he was by the unification of vastly different political groups at this protest:

I saw many Union and England flags waving in the distance. I thought โ€œah, its going to be the usual crowdโ€. Iโ€™ve been to many a protest beforehand and whilst I certainly have no qualms with our national flags, it did give me the immediate impression of what sort of protest this would be. But then, coming up to Nelsons column I saw an anarchist flag. Odd for England and anarchist flags to be in the same protest together, as opposed to the two coming to blows with each other…

Walking to the back of the stage area in front of the National Gallery, I saw a whole host of other different groups present. Ranging from Trump supporters in their MAGA hats, to Christians, Poles and even a multi-ethnic group of Rastafarians carrying around a portrait of Hailee Selassie. I even saw a member of the green party there. Evidently lockdown has enraged a diverse range of people.

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This reporter also attended the protest for a short while, and managed to take some photos capturing the sheer scale of the anti-lockdown protest, along with its diversity of attendees.

VIDEO: UK Riot Police Crack Down on Brits Demonstrating to Protect Monuments

The police response to the peaceful protest was markedly more violent than they had been to previous Black Lives Matter and leftist gatherings. Twitter user Michael de la Broc attended the protest, and captured footage of the police punching and then throwing an elderly woman to the ground.

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De La Broc noted that many of the people attending the protest are general supporters of law enforcement, and that there was a “lot of good will towards the police” following the killing of a police officer last week. “Police actions have killed that good will,” he said.

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