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TUCKER: Democrats, Big Tech Rigged Election For Joe Biden In Plain Sight


Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Big Tech companies for unfairly giving Democrats the edge in the 2020 election on his November 23, 2020 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Dr. Robert Epstein, who famously testified before the United States Senate regarding how Google poses a serious threat to democracy in June 2019, was a guest speaker on Carlson’s show. Epstein, a Harvard graduate, author, and accomplished psychologist, claimed that Big Tech manipulations “could easily have shifted at least 6 million votes” to Democrats.

Carlson also raised concern over the security of America’s electronic voting machines, stating that it “is a real and serious issue, no matter who raises it or who tries to dismiss it out of hand as a conspiracy theory.” This comes as companies Dominion and Smartmatic face scrutiny for allegedly using software and algorithms to electronically switch over millions of votes for President Trump to Joe Biden.

Furthermore, according to Carlson, COVID-19 was used by Democrats to “change the system of voting” because they knew that a “less secure” form of voting would benefit their candidates. He noted that other countries have refrained from using electronic voting methods and that we “ought to revert immediately to the traditional system of voting.”

Carlson suggests that the combination of Big Tech censorship, vast increase in less secure mail-in ballots, and suspicions around electronic voting machines, attribute to the public’s lack of trust in the integrity of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

The segment also attracted the attention of President Donald Trump, who later posted it on his Twitter account. See the President’s tweet and watch the video here:

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It is worth pointing out that Republicans and members of President Trump’s legal team have managed to gather significant amounts of evidence, including hundreds of sworn affidavits alleging thousands of incidents, of various types of voter fraud over the last few weeks in swing states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

At the end of his monologue, Carlson had this to say about Democrats and Big Tech: “They rigged the election in front of all of us, and no one did anything about it.”

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