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TRUMP IN ARIZONA: 'We're Going To Win This Thing, We're Not Giving Up' ... 'We're Taking It All The Way'


President Donald Trump made another surprise appearance during the Arizona election integrity hearing held in downtown Phoenix, appearing ahead of schedule, apparently due to the confusing three hour time difference between Arizona and Washington, D.C. Once he was connected, President Trump declared that his final victory is near and that he will never stop fighting to expose the massive, widespread fraud from the 2020 election.

“I’ve been watching the hearings and they’re fascinating, incredible, and I want to say thank you. It’s a very brave thing, and I know some get heat, but many more get praise from the American public,” President Trump began. “What they did is they played games, games like nobody’s ever seen before.”

“This is the first time anyone’s fought back. The 2020 election was rigged, it was a scam, the whole world is watching and they’re laughing at us.”

“The poll watchers were thrown out of buildings or put at very far distances, but they were thrown out of buildings in numerous states. You have people that came in to vote and they say, ‘Sorry but you’ve already voted,” the President added, noting that many of these people were then forced to vote using a provisional ballot, or sent home without voting at all.

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President Trump added, “This shows you how arrogant the Democrats and others were at taking away and stealing an election, because that’s what they’re trying to do is steal it.”

President Trump then noted that his easier option would be to concede defeat, bide his time, and plan for a political comeback in 2024. The President added that he does not consider this to be a reasonable or viable option.

“The easier route for me, what everyone’s saying, ‘Oh just focus on 2024 sir, focus on 2024.’ I say no, I have to focus on two weeks ago, because this is the greatest scam ever perpetuated on our country. This is the big one,” added President Trump.

President Trump also thanked the state legislators, witnesses, and experts who spoke at the hours long hearing, noting that while the mainstream media and Democrats may deride them, “They’re becoming legends, they’re becoming legends. The country really appreciates it.”

“I just say that I want to thank you. We’re going to win this thing, we’re not giving up.” The President added, “We’re going all the way” and that he is “not going to forget the people of Arizona.”

“I represent everybody, but this was a scam, and we have to get down to the bottom of it.”

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